Food Journal #1 – Singapore’s very own Ya Kun Kaya Toast

“Wet and Runny, or Runny and Wet?”

This is familiar question or statement that will dwell in the minds of patrons when they visit Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Established in 1944 by a diligent young man simply known by his patrons as Ah Koon, Ya Kun Kaya Toast can be said to be one of the most, if not the most successful local franchise in S’pore, having 28 outlets in majors shopping malls in Singapore alone and also branching out overseas in Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.

Rarely does any restaurants have both the young, the old, the Gen Ys and the Old-Gens patronizing. You can always count on Ya Kun to brew a fresh traditional cup or tea or coffee, add a thick-rich toast set (butter sugar, cheese, kaya, etc) toasted the old-fashioned way and two perfectly cracked open eggs.

But this is not all that they offer. I was at the Junction 8 branch and ordered their ice milk tea. And my, this simple beverage is a great way to beat the punishing heat! The milk tea is rich in flavour and the condensed milk is perfectly blended into the drink. The sweetness is also just right, sweet but not overly sweet.

So the next time you’re looking for beverage alternatives, don’t just consider Cupwalker and Sweettalk. Why not give Ya Kun a chance to impress you?

Downside? Most of Ya Kun’s staffs are aunties and may not be as friendly as the staff when compared to service staffs in other service industries. Hence, they may not be able to fully satisfy the ever service-demanding patrons. But hey, this is how typical coffeeshop employees operate right? It’s good to keep the taste and culture authentic!

Visit for the full range of products that Ya Kun has to offer and the various Ya Kun outlets located islandwide. For all that Ya Kun has to offer, they deserve a good 4 out of 5 yummy bites.


Bien manger, profiter de la vie
Reuel Eugene.