Instagram For The Win!


And so I just came back from exile and like a prisoner too accustomed to darkness finding difficulty adjusting his eyes to the light, I am still learning how to find my way around all the social media platforms. One such platform is…. Instagram! I love it that I can post photos of what inspires me, or puts me in the crazed poet state. And so, I get to post interesting photos that caught my attention, plus write about it there, with much ease that WordPress cannot provide or compare. Plus, there’s editing properties that touches up the photos taken by the less-than-ideal camera that came with the S3. Not that I am forsaking my abode at WordPress, writing on WordPress will always be one of my joys [and hates because I devote a lot of time, energy and effort to research and find out on the subject topic I’ve picked] which I used to talk about issues that holds a place in my heart.


Still, the truth is, I am out of time. No, I’m not dying. I have just entered a phase in my lifeย called University life [and hopefully work life, so if you’re an employer, employ me la okay, okay, okay?] Enrolled in Murdoch’s Bachelor in Communications and Media and Public Relations double major programme, I am really hard-pressed for time. I am a firm believer that if we start on something, we should endeavor to not just complete it, but to complete it with excellence. Not a guy who’s particularly good with multitasking, I will have to sacrifice on some fronts to make up for school [and work, please God I need a job].


So please forgive me if this space is empty for prolonged periods of time. Still, you can still see condensed versions of what goes on in my mind through my Instagram account. I was told by a friend that I write too much on Instagram though, so… not that I really care. But I was told by other friends that they love what I write. Herein lies my thoughts, musings and anecdotes about faith, hope, love, having a positive spirit, stuff like that. My last Instagram entry on THE MARRIAGE, THE VOW AND THE RINGย reached my highest recorded writings on Instagram with a total of 384 words..ย So… sign up for an Instagram account! And follow me, walk with me and see things from my perspective. Plus I ‘write a lot’ for some Instagram posts, so you’re getting bang for buck! Kinda. It’s not all dead serious stuff. Some are just plain lame and stupid, or funny. I think you will like it.

I have some really sensitive topics I would like to address on WordPress, but that will have to wait till my term break.ย Be blessed and take care!

Reuel Write’s Instagram ID: reueleugene




Conversations: The Smartphone Noob

And so I finally walked out of my darkness-of-a-Nokia-phone, and into the light-of-a-Samsung-S3. I know, I know, why S3? Why not get the latest S4 or wait for the Note 3? Well, I was never a person given to the latest phone trends.. Plus.. read the following situations I’ve encountered…

3 Completely Isolated Incidences.

1. Smartphone talk to me at class

Teacher teaching at feature writing class…..

Me bored, fiddles with my temporary Samsung Galaxy Tab phone. Double taps the middle button, the screen turns black, a window appears and the phone TALKS to me, asking me “What would you like to do” in the middle of class.

Too accustomed to Apple, I pressed it AGAIN. Faints*

2. Mom enters the room, sees me fiddling with my new Samsung S3 smartphone.

Mom: So have you mastered using your phone yet?

Me: Nope, still getting used to. I just came back from smartphone exile.

3. Whatsapp a friend to signify my return to the world of Whatsapp.

J: Got your whatsapp back!^^

Me: Yes! Sorry to make you spend money on sms all this time

J: Hahaha it’s okayy, you’re the only one using it^^

Me: Wa am I supposed to feel honoured? Haha


And so, I can handle photoshop, lightroom, illustrator, photography, writing, painting, life saving and so on, but I have yet to master my smartphone. No need for a S4. I’m just a not-so-smart person trying to keep up with the smartphone. Hahaha