Kindness Over Judgment Calls


Lately I have been pondering on the word mentioned above. It’s pretty amazing that we are called His Beloved when we are but ‘a speck upon a speck upon another speck’;one of seven billion individuals residing in one of eight planets belonging to one of countless galaxies in the ever-expanding universe. Even in this speck that we live in, we are ‘created above all other beings’, called to ‘have dominion [over all other form of beings] and multiply’. There are many attributes that separates us from the other form of beings – animals and co. – one of it being Kindness. Our ability to show kindness at will makes us distinct and different.

As a Bible-believing Christian, I firmly believe that we are created to love – God and His people – and be loved. Yet all over the world we see wars; war of words and rifles pitted against rifles, violence of all natures, monstruousness and atrocities taking place all over the world. The call for action could have arose from religious differences and extremism, conflict of [national] interests, greed, lust, and so many more. Have we all forsake our ability to show kindness to a fellow being? One may say “I am not a part of this, I am a Holy Joe.” Yet how many of us unknowingly judged and condemned to mental death another soul? I believe that the power of one can influence his family, which in turn influences the community, which in turn influences the country, which in turn influence the world, for the good and for the bad. And I am also guilty, as charged.

So many times, we fall into the common notion of judging people, either in thought or in words [when we are careless]. This person tweeted this, zip. That girl shared a retard or self-serving Facebook update, zip. This auntie blocked the train exit, zip. She even gave me a hard shove! Double-zipped. This guy is dressed for disaster, zip. That fella said this, zip. He got her pregnant! Zip. He left the church, zip. He even criticized the church, double-zipped. From there, we pigeonhole the people into categories; those we would love to hang out with, those we would like to be seen hanging out with, those whom we don’t want to be associated with and those who should just “lay off my life, period”.

Of course a wrong is a wrong, I don’t champion them. Yet I believe Love and/or Kindness should be the primary element that governs how we respond to situations or people.

Jesus when asked why He continued to mingle with ‘sinners’ (we all have sinned anyway) famously replied as recorded that He was here not for the righteous but for those who did not fall into that category. By that, it was a fellowship that assured, loved [unconditionally] and believed in the other party. Unhappy with somebody? Talk it out. Can’t? Forgive and let it go. Have a friend who has too many good things to say about himself? Say something nice anyway. Even if we [as imperfect human beings] can’t accomplish the highest law to love [without boundaries and  prejudices], we could show kindness. Kindness in speech, kindness in thought. Or even kindness in social media. It is my own personal prayer that I can be used as God’s vessel to make a difference, a positive impact to this great big-small world that we live in.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
– Plato

Maybe I don’t make sense, maybe I do. But what I want to say can be condensed in the following 25 words:
Show a little kindness instead of casting judgment calls, it can make a world a better place to live in, for you and for me.