The Post Office

ParcelPHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay (Ipad2)


Few hours ago, I self collected a parcel from the Singpost office for the first time. The staff were really friendly and helpful.

The post office is such a fascinating place. Countless letters, postcards, notes, mails, parcels go through the post office everyday. Which country is this postcard heading to? To whom this mail is addressed to? What could be in this parcel? How would the recipient respond to this letter? Could it be a love letter? Could it be a note from a pen pal or a ζ­»ε…š? Could it be a letter informing the recipient that he is successful in his application to a foreign university or something else?

What an important and fascinating thing it is to work in a postal office for one is handling important and possibly life and death matters of both sender and recipient.

In any case, I finally collected this parcel. Am happy πŸ™‚