Scribblings: 小事情



My mom has a particular slang; “小事情”. Whenever I come to her with a problem, she would always reply a “小事情” to my concerns. Perhaps sandwiched between my dad, my younger brother and myself, all of whom are more opinionated and ‘exuberant in expressing our feelings’, my dear mother adopts the ‘小事情’ approach to bring some balance in this otherwise lopsided equation-of-a-family.

After being told by mother, I calm down and see that hey, actually things may not be as bad as it seems. Taking the emotion out and viewing the issue from a third-person perspective, I am able to identify that the problem is not as serious as I thought it be after all. Much can be learnt from my mom’s mantra to life. As we take on life’s challenges, sometimes the storms that the waves of life bring may seem so menacing and overwhelming that it could sink our ship with one mighty swipe. That’s when we adopt the ‘小事情’ approach to looking at things. It’s like taking yourself out of the set of the Pirates of the Caribbean and watching it unfold on a 47′ plasma TV. When we bring our perspective to another dimension of approach, we put aside the initial garnered feelings of anxiety and worry. We are then able to be calm and collected, and from there identify a solution to the problem at hand. The stars prevail even in the most darkest of nights.

Jesus also adopted the ‘小事情’ approach in Mark 4:35-41. A freak storm that came out of nowhere was battering at the ship they were on but Jesus was totally indifferent, taking a nap (amazing He could even sleep in a storm, that shows how secure He is too anyways) at possibly the worst time. His disciples were petrified, terrified, face turned green as grass from all the rocking of the ship and, face turned white for fear of dying. They woke Him up saying, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” I can imagine Jesus saying “小事情 la” followed by a “Don’t disturb my beauty sleep, I still got a lot of preaching to do, you know?” And surely the storm was silenced and they got safely to their destination.

The best part to it is, Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, ‘The Black Pearl’ always survives the worst of storms and firefights, emerging victorious each time to sail into the horizon.

“小事情”, your ship will make it through.