Singapore Seen: Old Is Gold (Cont’d)

Hosting Colleen, a friend I made while on last year’s backpacking trip, I once again embarked on a trip to the streets of Haji Lane and its surrounding features while showing our foreign friend around. This place is truly a gem, I am always revealed to something I didn’t notice the previous time.

I terribly enjoy hosting a foreign friend and exploring my country together with people. Sojourning Singapore from the eyes of a foreigner definitely brings a whole new perspective to the mundane that we may take for granted. Here are some of the images that caught my eye.

P.S. If you need a personal guide in Singapore, you know who to find.



Bak Kwa, or barbecue pork, Singaporean style.







Looks like a foreign place somewhere in the Middle East?






Rare old bus stop.







Building for a better future.

Little India – Bursting With Colors And Adventure

Taken during Canon digital imaging class assignment at Little India on 9 March 2013.

Task: take anything interesting about Masjid Abdul Gafoor Mosque, streets of Little India, and wet market.

Been to Little India once but I never knew there was more to this hidden gem than meets the eye. Interesting. Never has there been a place like Little India where a whole barrage of colors and activity gather in one epic pothole. Hindu Temple, Mosque and Chinese Temple are just round the corner at one densely populated settlement. There’s so much to see. Beer bottles and tables in a mess. Who drank from them and who was seated there the night before? Garlands making and fruit selling and photographers shooting. And there’s the wet markets – bursting with activity from meat sellers hankering for business and customers, Singaporeans and Caucasians looking for the best deals. There’s so much to see, smell and hear. There is magic even in the seemingly ordinary of things.

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P.S. Photos and the inspiration behind it is solely by the photographer. I would appreciate being tracked back for them if you have used them. Thank you!






PHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay