Liverpool’s No. 9 No More.

Transfer madness returns to Premier ...

Being a Reds (Liverpool) fan only since early 2010, I was quickly thrown into and mesmerized by the fervency and love of the Liverpool fans for their beloved club; Liverpool FC. The fans were particularly supportive of their star players; Steven Gerrard (or Stevie) and Fernando Torres (or El Nino), practically singing their songs at every match. I decided to throw in my lot with the club despite the club ranked at a disappointing 13th place because I firmly believe in our mantra; You’ll Never Walk Alone (YNWA), to walk through thick and thin (disappointing and sluggish EPL performance). I witnessed and also participated, when the fans continued to vocally shout and voice out our support for our beloved Torres despite his sluggish performance at the first half of the season. But disappointment, shock, disbelief, anger engulfed us fans when we received news that the star striker we loved, the lad we bought from Sunny Spain chose to go to a rival big club of all clubs.

I may not know too much about soccer yet but I do know that one should never make such drastic move at such a time as this. Especially when the person in question initially claimed that he will never join another EPL club because he had been a Liverpool fan since young. Leaving your club at such a crucial period just because the club you loved (past tense) is not performing well does not reflect well on you. Not only does such departure not sit well with the Reds fans, but also with the fans from other clubs. Betrayal of this extent inevitably warrants strong emotions from us fans. (Let’s not forget Owen too on this point)

Overall, the fans had stood behind the Spaniard at his down times, defending him and speaking up for him when he didn’t perform as well as expected. But not only did Torres ditched the club, but he also ditched the fans worldwide and chose to throw in his lot with Chelsea. Clearly, during the period spent in LFC, Torres never did grasp our motto; ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, choosing to leave just because our chances of playing at the Champions League dimmed (or maybe for the money?). I may not encourage the strong reactions by some of my fellow Reds fans (which is understandable), but neither do I condone Torres’ actions.

In any case, all I can say is, good riddance. We don’t need such people in the club. This might be the darkest day in LFC history, but the club will continue to move on with or without Torres. Torres, thanks for everything and thanks for nothing. Wish you all the best and hope your move to Chelsea may increase your chance to play and win the Champions League as you have so desired. Note that we won’t be going easy on you nor the Blues though, Chelsea won’t be going anywhere near the Cup until they get past us. You’ll walk alone from now on. Bye Ex No. 9.

Proud to be a Red!

Last Sunday was to be the first time I have stepped into the East of Anfield, Harry’s Bar (or Harry’s Gastro Bar) at CHIJMES, the Red’s Camp in Singapore. That kind of feeling is like you’re at Anfield itself (metaphorically speaking) whereby the Kopites would cheer and boo together, sing the songs of LFC. Great atmosphere minus all the swearing, all’s well, hahaha! Thanks to the Brotherhood Jonathan and Alvin for inviting me and accepting into the band!

I am glad I made the choice to support LFC since months ago, I have learnt and am still learning the songs and I also gotten my Reds jersey! Oh yea! Cause with the Reds, You Will Never Walk Alone~!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

The soccer fever will always live on

The end of 11 July 2010, Monday left some people in a daze, some not knowing what to look forward to, with the wrapping up of the month-long FIFA World Cup 2010. The once every 4 years soccer championship which gathers the best of soccer players all over the world to one location to compete came to fruition with Spain winning the championship which cements their country’s status as world champion for the next 4 years until the next world cup.

This was to be a time where people all over the world regardless of geographical locations, whether young or old, guy or girl, soccer fan or not, stayed glued to the television every night/day and took leaves or day offs if they have to – to catch their favorite countries/teams battle it out.

‘Now with the competition that occurs every leap year coming to a close, what next?’ Some might say. To be honest, I was never a soccer fan until months prior to arguably the biggest competition of the world (other than the Olympics). As I stepped into the world of football, I came to a realization of so many things about soccer. The soccer fever never ends, really. Soccer or football isn’t as simple as it seems; ’22 men chasing 1 ball in a soccer match’. There are so many attributes that affect the game, from tactics, choice of formation, trump cards (star/key players), WHEN to play your trump card, the coach of the team, and many more. (This could either lead them to raising the Cup at the end of the league, or send them crashing out of the tournament.)

To add on, every team has a certain culture (example: Chelsea’s manager is known as boss, captain known as skipper), fanbase (bandwagon), nickname (Liverpool and fans are known as Reds, Arsenal and fans are known as Gunners), their home ground(stadium), arch rivals (Liverpool vs Man U, Man U vs Man City, etc), key players, jersey color, sponsors (Who would like a Russian mafia for boss? – Chelsea) and more.

La Liga

If that wasn’t enough, there are so many different leagues and divisions to learn about! There’s the Premier League for the English clubs, La Liga for the Spanish clubs, Seria A for the Italian clubs, Champions League to gather the best of all the different leagues, as well as the lower leagues and many more.

If that wasn’t entertaining enough, the transfers (sometimes controversial or amounts running in the millions) of star players or even coach (David Villa from Valencia to Barcelona, Liverpool coach Rafael Benitez from Liverpool to Inter Milan) from one club to another make the soccer matches ever more exciting and dramatic.

There is so much to learn about soccer, I am learning something new everyday! Not to mention, the joy of being able to gather with your close friends of same or rival clubs at a pub or at someone’s house to watch the sport, cheer together or even boo at each other.

The Big Four

Choosing a soccer club to support is like choosing a car. Once you have decided, you generally don’t choose another club unless you’re a ‘loser’ who claims “I am a supporter of the winning team!” – my friend says. Haha! For me, I’ve made the decision to pledge my allegiance to Liverpool for the Premier League (not because of Torres!) because it’s one of clubs with all the factors I perceive as most pleasant – great slogan ‘You’ll never walk alone’ and because some of my friends are Liverpool fans (I don’t want a club who is millions in debt, or have someone who slept with his best friend’s wife for captain, etc), and Barcelona for the Spanish League because of their star studded cast of Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry, Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol, David Villa of course! A good read that everyone should look through on deciding a premier league club to support:

Though World Cup is over, La Liga is just round the corner! So, if you really wanna know more about soccer, why not venture a little deeper, find out more. I don’t believe ‘Real man talk soccer’ thing, but I believe soccer is really an alluring and fun sport most guys would enjoy.

As for those who only catch the World Cup fever, we shall chat about soccer and Host country; Brazil in 4 year’s time! And just for the record, soccer matches can’t be predicted by an octopus or bird.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene