The 6 Must-haves on your next visit to the Grid

Imagine you’re struck in the Grid. What are the must-haves that you must, well have in your backpack in order to survive? Here’s a guide of the 6 must-have items that you should have in your arsenal (not that lousy football club, hahaha! It’s a joke btw). The items below are ranked in the order of importance in descending order. 

Now who said that Swords are old-fashioned?

6. Light Sword or Light Katana

The Light Sword or Light Katana will come in handy to deflect light disks thrown at ya by your enemies while at the same time, serving as a weapon of choice to derezz your enemies. However, this weapon is not made for any Tom, Dick and Harry. You have to be a very skilled Program or User to equip this highly technically weapon. The light sword is also used by Clu’s Black Guards.. Just so you know. Though this is an optional weapon to hold on to, just carrying the light sword on your back adds a hefty amount of style points to the wielder. Be careful not to cut yourself.

5. Light Grenade

A Light Grenade as the name implies, is an explosive weapon that derezzes code and programs in a powerful energy burst. Use it as a quick getaway from a sticky situation OR, to derezz someone or some Program that has pissed you off! It will be a blast, provided you don’t get caught in the blast. Lol.

4. Light Jets

Keep a Light Jet baton with you because you will never know when you need one. This baton allows the User or Program to rez a light jet to either give pursuit or escape enemy attacks. In a nutshell, the light jet is an agile one-seater jet that allows its passenger to fly. The light jet can fire automatic projectiles forward and creates a light ribbon on its trail which can be used to derezz other light jets in pursuit. You can also take a short flight with this gadget out of the Grid for a joy ride, and derezz it back into its baton form if you so desire. The more advanced and permanent light jet (meaning it cannot be rezzed, only derezzed) can carry 3 passengers at one time, and it also comes with a tail gun which can be used by one passenger. Cool.

3. Light Cycle 

This is an absolutely must-have in the Grid. The light cycle is a complex machines that are incredibly fast and agile two-wheeled vehicles that also creates light ribbon on its trail, except it can only travel on the Grid. ‘Off-grid’ places is inaccessible by light cycles, but accessible to the more advanced Light Runners. Users or Programs can rez a Light Cycle by running forward, leaping into a crouch position and splitting the baton into two concurrently, forming the light cycle below the User/Program. Take it for a spin or take part in a Light Cycle race or match, take care not to be derezzed in the process! Other than that, its functions are somewhat like our modern-day motorcycles, only way cooler. 

Hero or Villain, those suits are way too cool.

2. Light Suits

Now this is something you gotta have. These uber cool skin-tight light suits are essential in keeping you alive. The light suit has a mould on the back of the suit to hold the identity disk of the User/Program which can also be easily de-moulded so that Users/Programs can easily reach for their identity disk (or light disk depending on how you’re using it). The body-hugging suits acts as an armor which can absorb impact to a certain extent – when one falls off from a derezzed vehicle, etc. The helmet automatically activates when utilizing the light disk for combat. It can also be easily activated or deactivated by the User or Program by simply thinking about the motion. Not only that, it has neon lights running down the suit. Villain or hero, the light suits just looks too cool to be true. In fact, every Program living in the Grid wears a suit something like this – you’re a weirdo if you don’t keep up to this fashion trend! Now I know what I want next Christmas!

1. Identity Disk or Light Disk

Last but not least, your Identity Disk/Light Disk! This is the most basic and also the most essential tool that every User and Program must absolutely have! The Identity Disk acts as a ‘memory disk’, storing up all the Users’/Programs’ memories (not that the User/Program won’t remember anything once without it). The memory stored in the disk can be extracted to show other Users/Programs, all the stored memories of the User/Program till date. In the games arena, Users/Programs can de-mould the Disk to form a halo of light around the disk (now known as a light disk) to fight his or her opponent. The light disk immediately derezzes Programs upon impact. It functions like a knife on the skin when striked against a User. The light disk also acts as an additional attack tool for User/Program when on a lightcycle or light jet. It also acts as the last line of defense when a User/Program falls off his lightcycle or light jet. It is highly unadvisable to take part in the Games Arena (whereby competitors battle it out one-vs-one until a winner emerges at the end) unless one is highly confident in one’s skills.

That sums up my list of all the must-haves in your inventory when in the Grid. Sorry for listing things that you already know! (if you have caught the film) I am just so obsessed with the movie!!

P.S. This blog entry took me hours and hours of editing because the format and alignment keeps screwing up! So pissed! I am considering migrating to another blogging website if this keeps up!

Movie Insights – Tron Legacy

Enter the world of the Grid, where Programs take on a humanoid form (in the likeness of the Users who programmed them) and/or battle it out on the Games Arena and on U-B-E-R COOL vehicles called the Light Cycles. Users or programs, all will receive a identity disk whereby all the user’s memory will be captured inside the disk, for the good… or the bad (It also serves as a weapon to derezz other programs). Sam Flynn was a happy son to his father and ENCOM CEO, Kevin Flynn until Flynn Sr. disappeared without a trace, leaving Flynn Jr. to feign for himself.

20 years later, the rebellious and still the major shareholder of ENCOM, the tech-savvy Sam went to investigate the mysterious page from the old Flynn arcade hideout. In the process, Sam got transported into the Grid, a digital world ventured only by few Users, if not just one. Captured and made to participate in the ‘Games’, the quick-witted Sam quickly learns the ways of the game, derezzes (causing deletion) his opponent Programs and even attempts to escape before being defeated by the master of the Games, Rinzler.

Taken to meet Clu (Codified Likeness Utility), Sam mistakes him for his dad, whose looks does not seem to have changed from 20 years ago. Sam quickly finds out that that was not the case. Clu forces Flynn Jr. to take part in the Light Cycle match. (Put on your seatbelts because this is the exciting part!) Sam narrowly escapes being killed by Clu when a mysterious program comes to his rescue. That program is later revealed to be Quorra, a very unique (and pretty) ‘program’. Travelling ‘off-grid’ via the Light Runner, Sam meets his father for the first time in 20 years. As the plot unfolds, it is revealed that Kevin Flynn was trapped in the digital world when Clu, his own creation seize control of the city and defeats Tron, Kevin’s trusted (head of security) program.

The trio make their way for the ‘Portal’ (gateway to return to the real world) and misadventures quickly follow. Will Clu be able to succeed in entering the real world and ‘perfect’ it or will the Flynns and Quorra be able to make it out? Of course I won’t spoil the movie for you. Go catch it! You won’t regret it. 🙂 Here’s a lil spoiler. Someone important dies, and a program will get to step forth into the real world.

What makes this movie cool is that the younger Kevin Flynn and Clu was made ENTIRELY in CG (Computer Graphics), the cool tightsuits, all the UBER COOL stuff (gadgets, vehicles and weapons), not to mention how the makers of film blend in awesome videography to complement and captured all the gadgets, weapons and vehicles used.

If there is one thing I don’t understand, why are all the movie rating websites flagging the movie? Oh well, it’s not the first time they hate a movie which I like. 🙂