Liverpool’s No. 9 No More.

Transfer madness returns to Premier ...

Being a Reds (Liverpool) fan only since early 2010, I was quickly thrown into and mesmerized by the fervency and love of the Liverpool fans for their beloved club; Liverpool FC. The fans were particularly supportive of their star players; Steven Gerrard (or Stevie) and Fernando Torres (or El Nino), practically singing their songs at every match. I decided to throw in my lot with the club despite the club ranked at a disappointing 13th place because I firmly believe in our mantra; You’ll Never Walk Alone (YNWA), to walk through thick and thin (disappointing and sluggish EPL performance). I witnessed and also participated, when the fans continued to vocally shout and voice out our support for our beloved Torres despite his sluggish performance at the first half of the season. But disappointment, shock, disbelief, anger engulfed us fans when we received news that the star striker we loved, the lad we bought from Sunny Spain chose to go to a rival big club of all clubs.

I may not know too much about soccer yet but I do know that one should never make such drastic move at such a time as this. Especially when the person in question initially claimed that he will never join another EPL club because he had been a Liverpool fan since young. Leaving your club at such a crucial period just because the club you loved (past tense) is not performing well does not reflect well on you. Not only does such departure not sit well with the Reds fans, but also with the fans from other clubs. Betrayal of this extent inevitably warrants strong emotions from us fans. (Let’s not forget Owen too on this point)

Overall, the fans had stood behind the Spaniard at his down times, defending him and speaking up for him when he didn’t perform as well as expected. But not only did Torres ditched the club, but he also ditched the fans worldwide and chose to throw in his lot with Chelsea. Clearly, during the period spent in LFC, Torres never did grasp our motto; ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, choosing to leave just because our chances of playing at the Champions League dimmed (or maybe for the money?). I may not encourage the strong reactions by some of my fellow Reds fans (which is understandable), but neither do I condone Torres’ actions.

In any case, all I can say is, good riddance. We don’t need such people in the club. This might be the darkest day in LFC history, but the club will continue to move on with or without Torres. Torres, thanks for everything and thanks for nothing. Wish you all the best and hope your move to Chelsea may increase your chance to play and win the Champions League as you have so desired. Note that we won’t be going easy on you nor the Blues though, Chelsea won’t be going anywhere near the Cup until they get past us. You’ll walk alone from now on. Bye Ex No. 9.

Dawn of a New Beginning for LFC

Hey all. Thanks so much for checking back with my blog. Apologies for my inactivity for the past few days. Work-life is just so tiring, much of my energy is drained from work and the little amount of time after work was spent meeting friends, etc. Anyways, I’m really happy that LFC won the match over Blackburn Rovers even though that wouldn’t boost our rankings YET. (FYI: I was extremely exhausted because I went to Church in the morning, traveled to JB to chill out with friends, before heading for Harry’s to catch the match. But I still went ahead because it’s a Very important match for LFC!)

Our Greek defender Sotiris Kyrgiakos left his mark on the field by scoring a goal at the 47th minute at the second-half, and Torres finally ending his goal drought, scoring the decisive goal at the 53rd minute. The rest of the match were a few close calls for both but no goals for either sides, but that didn’t matter because we took the game 2 -1! It’s a good start if you ask me, to boost our players’ confidence. Gotta keep it up man! Things are beginning to look up for us as Stevie continues to perform, Pepe continues to do his thing, LFC players are passing more accurately and creatively, better lineup of players and even Lucas is playing better! Hahaha. Now we just need to do the same, if not better in the upcoming matches against Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic and Stoke City. As my bro Alvin would put it, “Bury them man, bury them.”

Anyway, here’s a simple fanwork of Torres done by me using photoshop. It’s a picture of him speeding past Danny from Fullham. Check out the ‘dust’ he leaves behind Danny with a “You can’t catch me..” quote.