Food Journal #2 – Gloria Jean’s Coffees

I was in town for a while and decided to get some coffee. Having always gotten my coffee fix from either Starbucks or Coffeebean due to convenience (there seems to be either one of this two brands just round the corner!), I decided to walk a little further to Suntec Shopping mall to try other alternatives.

Gloria Jeans Coffee was the chosen destination, and due to the laziness of going over to the counter to check out the variety of coffee they offer, I decided to check out the website on my blackberry handheld. As the Caramel Nut Chiller was featured as one of two new drink sensations (that’s how they termed it), I decided to get that. Similar to Coffeebean, the counter staff asked me for my name, making the experience much more personal.

To my surprise, the staff told me that that drink is no longer on promotion when it was stated as otherwise on the website. But the staff was kind enough to offer to make that drink for me nevertheless and asked if I wanted whipped cream to go along. Upon getting my drink with a lethal dose of whipped cream, I took a sip from the drink only to find it rather bitter for a ‘Caramel’ drink. (I suspect they forgot to add the caramel on top of the whipped cream)

The Advertised vs The Actual

Though the espresso drink was rich in flavour, it wasn’t my cup of tea, or coffee in this case since I always have had a thing for sweet stuff and the caramel taste was nowhere to be found in the drink. Finally, I asked for more caramel as it just wasn’t sweet.

The staff handed me the caramel bottle. Even after adding more caramel, I thought that the espresso chiller totally masked the caramel. Also, the staff seemed to not heard my name clearly, as such she decided to just leave my name as ‘E’ on the receipt.

Moment of truth:
The ambience was very lukewarm, allowing one to just blend into the surrounding atmosphere amidst everything else that is happening outside the premise. Staff is friendly.

With that said, the staffs do not attempt to go the extra mile for customers in my opinion. The drink was unsatisfactory and website is not updated. It would definitely make the experience much memorable if the staff clarified the spelling of my name or if the other staff attempted to assist in adding the caramel to my drink.

It would be unfair to place my judgment on just one drink alone, hence my verdict for just this particular coffee experience alone – 2.5 out of 5 stars.


Bien manger, profiter de la vie
Reuel Eugene.

Store details
Suntec City Galleria
3 Temasek Boulevard

7.30 am – 10 pm (Mon – Thurs)
7.30am -11pm (Fri & Sat)
9am -10pm (Sun)

Tel: 6337 7084