Happy 2011!

Hey all. How was your New Year Countdown? Mine was spent around the packed and crowded Esplanade area. Because of the congestion, my entourage m0ve from one place to another, looking for a good spot to camp into finally settling at the pavement area opposite the Standard Chartered building. The walk was tiring, the wait was long, but it was well worth it to catch that 8 minutes of fireworks to usher in the new year. Here’s a vid of the 8 minutes fireworks recorded via my iPod Touch. Pardon me for the shaking, the poor quality and the lack of audio in the video.

So here’s wishing all you readers a Happy 2011! May all of your dreams, visions and resolutions for 2011 come to fruition!

Food Journal #5 – Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Another way overdue article! Gosh, I need to clear these articles. Anyway, a few church friends (Bryna, Desiree, Zhi Yang, Aaron and Janice!) and I were at Makansutra Gluttons Bay for dinner on the 21st of May. Well, they don’t call this place Gluttons Bay for no reason.

According to Makansutra, all the hawkers you find at Gluttons Bay are specially handpicked by Makansutra and feature the best cooks in their own respective specialty, be it the Indonesian Gado Gado salad, the well-loved Roti John, Western cuisines, the sumptuous spread from the Cze Cha stall (street restaurant) or Singapore’s Favorites; Carrot Cake, Satay, Hokkien Mee, Or Jian, Kambing Soup as well as the Cha Kway Teow.

If you’re coming on a Friday night or during weekends, be prepared to play the waiting game [of getting a table] because there [Gluttons Bay] is simply no space there during those peak periods!

We ordered Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, Or Jian and some Western Cuisines there. As expected, the Asian delicacies there live up to its reputation. Need I say more? The price we paid there were pretty reasonable, for a dining in city area. Well of course, expect it too be a wee bit more pricey than your typical food courts! Gluttons Bay have and will continue to be an iconic place beside the Esplanade where many will frequent, especially the ang-mohs (Foreigners).

I personally think that this idea by K.F Seetoh – opening an Asian-styled open-air mini hawker centre was a brilliant idea, allowing foreigners who may not know where to go to taste great local cuisines to come here and savor some of the best S’pore has to offer. And that’s what sets S’pore apart, not because of our fanciful architectures which the other countries also have their own, but to allow them to savor, experience and bring back Singapore’s culture and heritage… of eating! We are known as the Food Paradise afterall, where the East meets the West.

After a sumptuous meal and filling your stomach, be awestruck by Singapore’s skyline by the coast! There is a special Makansutra Gluttons Bay Sampler where you pay either $19.90 or $24.80 to be able to try out any 7 dishes at smaller portions so that you can try out all that Gluttons Bay has to offer rather than fill your stomach with just one dish (minimum 2 pax). Check out http://www.makansutra.com/eateries_mgb.html for more information.

Alright, that sums up my report on the Gluttons Bay. Go ahead, ask your friends out, try out an open-air concept dining place for once, and pig it out! Uh, what a joy!

We head to Starbucks at Fullerton Road and it boast a very happening nightlife there with pubs such as the Palm Beach. Too bad, I forgot to take photos there. Will do a review there if I head there in the future. Stay tuned!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

Main Course: $3 to $10

Food ordered:
Hokkien Mee ($6) – 2 thumbs up
Or Jian – 2 thumbs up
Carrot Cake

Store Details:
Makansutra Gluttons Bay
8 Raffles Avenue #01-15 Singapore 039802

Opening Hours:
5 pm – 2 am (Mon – Thurs)
5 pm – 3 am (Fri – Sat)
4 pm – 1 am (Sun)

Makansutra Official Website:


Food Journal #4 – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Chocolate by the bald man, that is the catchphrase of Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. As the name suggest, the whole restaurant is totally centered around the theme everyone loves – Chocolate, and is currently the only branch in Singapore located at a corner in Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.

Apart from being one of the premier chocolatiers, the special unique selling point about this chocolate bar is all hot chocolate drinks, coined the term ‘Chocolats’ are served in the special Hugmug while the frozen chocolate frappés, coined the term ‘Choctails’ are served in the special Alice Cup with the words ‘DRINK ME’ imprinted on the cup. (If you remember the story of Alice in the Wonderland)

The whole bar is furnished in the color brown [the color of Chocolate], with wooden furnitures and fixtures, giving the person who enters the chocolate bar a sense of ‘Loss in time’ kind of feeling. The menu is very colorfully and wonderfully designed; in it you can find stories of how Max Brenner Chocolate Bar started out, the story behind their Hugmug and Alice Cup as well as an abstract of Alice in Wonderland, the products they offer such as chocolats, choctails, chocolate pizza and more, including their chocolate powders. Every single detail in the menu, big or small, is taken care of. And the surprising thing is, the menu is actually on sale as well! Well, I am not surprised if people would actually put a price tag to that [menu] as I myself would consider buying it just for memento!

The choctail my girlfriend and I ordered was the Good Old Days Ice Chocolate Milk (the one that goes well with cookies). Interesting way of describing their drink, I must say. The drink took about 3-5 minutes to prepare and was served in the Alice Cup with a metal straw to go along. The metal straw ensures every sip to be continually chilling but I personally thought that it was a little difficult to drink from the metal straw or perhaps the frozen flakes are too big to be sipped through the straw.

The drink itself was really unique, and every sip is pure chocolate cream and pure chocolate cream is not as sweet as the one we conjure in our mind, but the chocolate cream was really rich and endearing, I must declare. The bald man’ve successfully spilt the difference between milk chocolate and chocolate milk, bringing the pure zest of chocolate across, with a dash of milk to compliment the former.

Satisfied is the expression written all over our faces!

All in all, awesome experience, except for the metal straw. Go ahead, order the choctail, and Drink it! 4 out of 5 sips for me.

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

Choctail ordered:
Good Old Days Ice Chocolate Milk (the one that goes well with cookies)
Pure Chocolate Milk and fresh milk shaven with ice
– $9.90 (before GST and Service charge)
– $11.65 (After GST and Service charge)

Store Details:
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
The Chocolate Culture Pte Ltd
8 Raffles Avenue, #01-06/08 Esplanade Mall
Tel: 6235 9556

Opening Hours:
11 am to 11 pm (Sun – Thurs)
11 am to 12 am (Fri – Sat)

Official Max Brenner website:

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Singapore Arts Festival 2010

National Arts Council presents the Singapore Arts Festival 2010. The Singapore Arts Festival began in 1977 as a national showcase celebrating the local arts of Singapore’s diverse communities and is currently in its 33rd year running.

This year’s festival taking place at the Esplanade from 14 May to 13 June is themed ‘Between You and Me’, encouraging the public to get closer to the arts and to participate in it. There will be performances both free and ticketed, gathering renowned local and foreign acts from around the region to one location. Anyone and everyone can join the Arts Fest club for free to stay tuned to the latest happenings and activities happening at the Singapore Arts Festival.

The festival will end with a mega line-dance gathering people from the line-dance community groups islandwide, numbering 20,000 from all walks of life, sources said. So mark down the various performances on your calendar,get exposed and get involved!

Your Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.


Singapore Arts Festival Official Website:

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