Singapore Seen: Old Is Gold (Cont’d)

Hosting Colleen, a friend I made while on last year’s backpacking trip, I once again embarked on a trip to the streets of Haji Lane and its surrounding features while showing our foreign friend around. This place is truly a gem, I am always revealed to something I didn’t notice the previous time.

I terribly enjoy hosting a foreign friend and exploring my country together with people. Sojourning Singapore from the eyes of a foreigner definitely brings a whole new perspective to the mundane that we may take for granted. Here are some of the images that caught my eye.

P.S. If you need a personal guide in Singapore, you know who to find.



Bak Kwa, or barbecue pork, Singaporean style.







Looks like a foreign place somewhere in the Middle East?






Rare old bus stop.







Building for a better future.

Travel Log #1 – Making Friends

IMG_5365PHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay


Go out, talk to new people, make new friends. Strike a conversation, talk about the weather. Who knows, a beautiful and lasting friendship that crosses all borders can be forged in that process.

P.S. That is my 49-year-old mother on the right with 36-year-old Junko from Japan (in the middle) and 24-year-old Yu-Sun from Korea (on the left). Three women from totally different age groups, isn’t this totally amazing? That’s why I love traveling and backpacking so much.