CONQUERING THE GIANT – Dr Robi / Pst Leo (17/1/15)

There are giants in society that we need to conquer
God has commissioned us to conquer the giants of this world and the giants in our life.

1) Preparation

God spoke and evething was formed. But when it came to man, He personally use His hands to form us.

Jesus places all of us in this family, this juncture of history for us to conquer our giants.

What was David’s response to the king?
1 Samuel 17:34
You are already prepared.
David was already prepared to conquer the giant.
God has been preparing us through all our experiences to conquer the giants
Preparation is not about training. If you discover God’s economy, you would understand that you are already prepared.

Preparation is all about position. Position is key.
Are you in the right position to conquer?
Understand your position that it is not your strength to bring down the giant
But that it is God’s strength through us that helps us to conquer the giant

It’s not just about the stone and sling you need to pick up
It’s also about what you need to take off
You are ready just the way you are.

2) Peseverence

“I see the goal”
It’s important to see the goal so that you won’t let ypur circumstances overtake its importance

Don’t look up and down
Just look in front of you and take the next step.
That’s how you conquer the mountain

James 1:2-4
Endurance is not the same as perseverence
Endurance is putting up with something, just sticking it out.
Perseverence is doing something to achieve something in mind.
Some people say that but at least I am faithful!
being faithful to whatever God has given you
To be faithful is to be obedient to the instructions that is given
To be faithful is to fulfill the engagement of what is given
God’s commandment: doing love, not feeling love

Sometimes the circumstances is not cool.
In the boring and routine days, God is forming and shaping us.
David killed the bear and lion because he has a clear future of what kind of leader he wants to be

What you do in secret is the definition of who you are
David conquered the lion and bear in secret
The definition of character and integrity is what you do behind closed doors when no one is doing.
You are operating on the inside, being true to who you are
What you do with small things.
Perseverence is being true to who you are

Don’t lower your standards.
David did not lowered his standards against Goliath
David never mock at Goliath the way Goliath mocked at Israel
Despite the giant, don’t make it an excuse
Perseverence is simply how you get the job done

If we stay true to the position of perseverence, then that is how we get the job done

3) Prevail

Theologians say that the five stones represent the five giants David has to conquer

Maybe David has to slay the five giants because maybe there is another giant to take his place

When there is no more energy, rely on the Holy Spirit

There will be more challenges, more giants to conquer
Don’t just conquer the giant, position yourself to be a conqueror, to be a winner, always

4) Perspective
When God presents the giants before us, He presents us a glimpse
So that we won’t give up even before we start

God could have cause the giant to drop dead, but He did not because He chose to work through this shepherd boy

Because the battle is less about conquering the giant, but about the process and the next step that God is with you at every moment

After the giant was slain, still the job wasn’t done
Wake up from your slumber!
It is time for the church of Jesus Christ to rise up as one body, and say it’s not okay for injustice

Go into the battle, a boy/girl.
Come out of it a man/woman.


Luke 20:17
Luke 19:45 – Luke 21:37-38
Today’s message is in relation to the temple of God.

Parable of the vinedressers
V9-16 – What is this vineyard? Vineyard refers to The temple.
A place where God meets with men.
Who are the vine dressers?
Luke 20:1, 19

V17 – the builders
They are building the temple
The builders are the scribes and the pharisees
They were supposed to be educated and full of knowledge

But the builders (the scribes and Pharisees) rejects the keystone and throws the stone away.

Jesus Christ is that keystone that keeps everything in place in our life

Could it be that we are so educated that we put our trust in many things and we look at the stone of Jesus Christ and throw it away?
Are there things more important in life than God that we throw it away in our cleverness just like the builders did?

Psalm 118:22 “head stone of the corner (Heb. Pinnah)

Example: bridge
But when the keystone is in place, it can even take heavy weights!

The one that is rejected has become.
God takes the base things of the world, the things People has rejected, and uses them.
The scribes, Pharisees and elders rejected Jesus because Jesus was not born a Levi, or trained in the best seminaries, and not a elder of His tribe.
But isn’t that the same for us, we were aliens out of Israel, but God calls us His royal priesthood.

Luke 19:35-39
V40 – even the stones know Jesus is more important
Realign your focus on what is the key focus in your life
The challenges will surely come.
But if you have the keystone in your life, trucks can go through. Even if you have challenges, the keystone will hold everything in place.

“Mini Gospel”
Jesus’ baptism – Luke 20:1-8
Jesus the Son rejected – Luke 20:9-19
Jesus rendered to God as an offering – Luke 20:20-26
Jesus’ Resurrection – Luke 20:27-40
jesus Ascension – Luke 20:41-44

Luke 20:42-45
Jesus is trying to tell them God has all along planned since the Messianic period

Luke 20:1

Luke 29:48

What are the fruits that should come out of this vineyard?
Luke 20:10-11
It could be that they have no fruit. They did not bear the fruit that The Lord originally intended for the temple.
It could be that they we’re not stewards of the vineyard!
Luke 19:45-46
Instead of managing the vineyard, they have been managing their own business of buying and selling.
Don’t turn the house of God into a place of transaction.
Transaction – willing buyer, willing seller.
Is our relationship with God like a transaction?
It shouldn’t be that “God if you do this for me, I will pray.”
Prayer shouldn’t be passive (I’m not going to pray because if God wants to give it to me, He will give it to me)
Prayer shouldn’t be willful (I’m going to be angry if You don’t give me what I want when I pray).
Prayer should be willing.
When things don’t work according to our way, we accept that and believe that He has something better.
Not my will, but Your will be done.

Luke 18:9-14
Wrong fruit – becoming a believer and becoming very sensitive to other people’s sin!

Don’t treat God like a vending machine just because we pray, fast and tithe.
God wants to see us taking up the cross in humility and self-sacrifice
God will raise you up – whoever who humbles himself will be exalted

Ephesians 2:19-22
Every aspect in our life should be taken in relation and reference of Christ!
Redefine and re-understand everything in the light of Jesus Christ.
Gentile separated from Jews..
But Jesus was willing to cross every boundary to pray for the Centurion servant!

3 relationships Jesus talked about:

1. Husband and wife
2. Parent and children
3. Master and servant (boss and employee)
Ephesians 5:21-26, 28
Ephesians 6:1-4, 5-8
There is no partiality to Him. We are all under one Master; Jesus.
We are all the same status to God.

So Jesus becomes the keystone that the people has rejected.
Put Jesus as the keystone in our life, with Him holding everything up
His lifestyle, the way He speaks, His sacrificial life, let these be our example

Ephesians 4:13
Acts 4:10-12

Notes from Rev. Dominic Yeo’s Service 15/3/14


What is faith?
Faith is God’s currency in heaven
Activate your faith – Example: the woman with the issue of blood
Faith in reality is putting one’s weight upon.
Example: the four brothers who lied on one another without any chair

1 Kings 17:1-24(NIV)
The story of Elijah – you are walking in abundant blessings and suddenly the brook dries up

1. When the brook dries up, the heart of faith needs to know that God is up to something great.

Look at the indication of God’s past.
The past indicator of what God has done in your life is what He is going to do in your future.
David relied on the track record of God
Faith is putting your entire weight on who God is, on God’s character, on what He has done in the past, present and the future!

God wants us to grow up.
So that when the brook dries up, Elijah has to get moving – God moment.
The heart of faith knows that God is up to something great because He is pushing us out of our comfort zone.

2. When the brook dries up, the ears of faith must hear from God for a miracle

For a breakthrough.
When the brook dries up, the prophetic word of God comes
It is God’s nature to communicate with us regardless if we have sinned or not
The ability to hear God’s voice has to do with your proximity with God.

God is not going to compete with your distractions.
You have to get into the place of proximity.
The place of proximity is the place of intimacy and revelation

3.ย When the brook dries up, the walk of faith takes us to the blessing

Zarephath – the place of evil: requires a lot of faith!!
The walk of faith usually takes you to unlikely places
God’s track record is an indication of what He will do

Faith is putting your entire faith on who God is.
Faith operates on God’s economy (not subjected to the world’s economy)

4.ย When the brook dries up, the eyes of faith sees the accomplished before it happens

1 Kings 17:13
Elijah saw the cake even before it happens.
The eyes of faith sees the accomplished work of God before it happens.
The eyes of faith see what you have, and not what you do not have.
The eyes of faith sees what you wish for.
The eyes of faith see what we have in God.