Letters From:


I was clearing my room during the long weekends the other day and coincidentally came across a treasure trove of stuff all hidden within the confines of my little room. Amongst those treasures were letters I have collected and kept for the past eight years. Through the years, I’ve received a number of letters from friends and loved ones.

While there are many ways to express love and gratitude, it is my belief that giving letters is one of the most sincere ways to do so. Letters [may] require spending; one needs to buy a nicely designed card, letter, postcard [and possibly a nice envelope to go along with it. Senders who designed their own cards may incur overheads such as acquiring markers and card design materials from DYI art marts. Letters require effort; senders may design the cards themselves or, sender needs to pick a card or letter style that he or she believes suits the receiver of the letter, next the sender has to write [or type] the words out to fill the intentional void of the letter. Letters require thoughtfulness; you don’t scribble any-old-how on the letter face just to fill the pages. The writer often puts himself in the person’s predicament [or victorious moment] and pens something related to that and ending off with his blessings or encouragement. Letters definitely require time; the sender has to sacrifice previous time off other priorities of his life to fill in the words.

The benefits of receiving a physical letter far outweigh many other form of blessings. A letter is eternal; sure the letter might degenerate a little, the words may fade a little, but keep it stored in a cool, moist-free place and this letter can last decades. A letter is ‘evergreen’. There’s a saying by Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” and letters fulfill that role just right. Even if you have moved on with life, rereading those letters again invoke a sense of warmth and closeness the reader shared with the sender. When opened, the ‘encapsulated’ heartfelt words, encouragement and blessing rises up into the air like perfume, bringing fragrance and joy to one’s soul.

I thank God that I am important enough for some to have invested time, effort and money on letters addressed to me. Letters given to me when I transferred away from my first and second cell group, letters given to me when I finally graduated from my second attempt at O levels, letters given to me when I was baptized, letters given to me during my birthdays, letters given to me by dear friends, letters given to me by my bible study students, letters given to me during festive seasons and such. I ride on the encouragement from those letters.

Though those times are now past and gone, I will never forget how important those words were to me. To those who were involved in any of these letters, thank you. Your kind words have an eternal alleviating effect on me. Even as I read them now, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I thank God for all of your letters and friendship.

See if you can spot your own letters!

P.S. I don’t normally reveal contents of letters online for obvious reasons but not doing so this time will do injustice to those who had been such a blessing to me.




Letter from my first cell group members. I hope that I have grown since then.





Thank you G for being so teachable. May you shine brighter and make a bigger impact than me in the KOG.



Thanks A, I really treasured those times spent with W385.. Thank you for being a mentor to me in so many ways.



Thank you V for being there with me in spirit during this important day.





Thank you E for being such a blessing to me.



S, I appreciate your friendship. Keep in touch.



Y, glad to have played a part in your life. You have gone so far, getting a job and academic certificate, and even graduating from SOT! I am so proud of you.

THANK YOU! (Part 2)

Tons of people to thank! For me, the presence of you guys at the celebration has already blessed me a lot!

I wanna thank

  • My mom for getting the catering for me.
  • My beautiful girlfriend Tong Yan for being there for me,buying me dinner (Bakerzin), writing me a letter and even giving me a red packet!
  • The awesome couple, Wendy Danielle and Peter Hua for helping me do the decor and buying the Guestbook!! Even though I wasn’t very excited to the point of being lethargic about my own party, Wendy called me up in the afternoon and offered to help me decor the place and even get the guestbook for me! Thanks Wendy!
  • Best buddy Jasper and Eunice for the Hugo Boss Cologne!
  • Wendy, Desmond, Felicia, Terry, Peter and Ronald for the CA vouchers!
  • NYP cluster (or ex since everyone has already graduated lol) for coming as well as blessing me with the CA vouchers!
  • My relatives for all the red packets!
  • My ex-members and friends from WR zone (Jeremy, Benji, Samuel, Eliz, Kenneth, Michelle, did I leave out anyone?)for the Authentic LFC kit (including a LFC scarf, LFC jacket, a LFC water bottle and a LFC cap! I thought you guys are gonna throw me into the pool, taupok me or smash a cake in my face! Sorry for wronging you guys! Hahaha!
  • Kit Meng and Belinda for the GV gift card! I will definitely use it!
  • Jeremiah who ran to 3 different places so that he can get me vouchers from 3 places!! (ZARA, Topman and Pedro) Thanks Jeremiah! I am so touched!
  • Choir members and twitter khakis Rubez and Candice for blessing me with a super nice ‘Angel wings’ B’day card and cash! You guys are so generous, I don’t know what to say!
  • Jon Teo for the Starbucks Card! Now I have 2!
  • My cell group for the CA voucher!
  • My cell group members (Janice, Guanlin, Melissa, Elijah) for turning up; Elijah for coming down despite having rugby training earlier!
  • Daniel and Siyi for the giant teddy bear! (My mom kop it for her own lol)
  • Bryna (Cgl) and Hongbin (first cg member) for the cool Billabong wallet!
  • Matt (ex-cg member) for the One Life One Wife shirt (his own brand)!
  • Xue Jun for the Capitaland voucher!
  • Joanna for the T-shirt!
  • Cath and Vonne for the cool T-shirt! Love it!
  • My boss Grace and finance manager Shi Hui for turning up and also blessing me with red packet and RSH voucher!

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All in all, I just wanna say a big THANK YOU for being there on my special day! I am truly blessed by so many great people. Thanks for being my friend. 🙂

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

P.S. The value of the gifts whether big or small will not be disclosed for good measure.

THANK YOU! (Part 1)

Hey all! Sorry for not updating my blog until now! I have been really busy and tired out with school and all, hence was unable to update my blog.

Anyway, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all who came for my small celebration at my place on the 7th November 2010. You guys made a difference in my life be it in the past or present and you guys were also there to celebrate my birthday with me! Thank you so much! You guys rawks!

Btw, if you love the food, my caterer is Neo Garden, and my cake was made by Secret Recipe.

Without further ado, here are some pictures taken at the celebration.

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21 and Beyond

Two day ago, my mom came into my room with this necklace in her hand.

Gosh, it’s a golden key necklace! She told me this [necklace] is for me, and that I have grown up now. She also did refuse to tell me the price of that necklace. Lol. As corny as it may be, I appreciate my mom for getting that necklace for me although there is no way I gonna put that on my neck. Haha!

So, just like any other young adult, I have to come to terms that there is gonna be lots of changes in my life and new responsibilities to shoulder upon myself. Perhaps one way or another, all of us have experienced the Quarter-life Crisis one way or another. I thank God I found refuge and comfort under the support of my church friends and girlfriend.

Some charactertistics of the Quarter-life Crisis include:

  • realizing that the pursuits of one’s peers are useless
  • confronting their own mortality
  • watching time slowly take its toll on their parents, only to realize they are next
  • insecurity regarding the fact that their actions are meaningless
  • insecurity concerning ability to love themselves, let alone another person
  • insecurity regarding present accomplishments
  • re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
  • lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy
  • disappointment with one’s job
  • nostalgia for university, college, high school, middle school or elementary school life
  • tendency to hold stronger opinions
  • boredom with social interactions
  • loss of closeness to high school and college friends
  • financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
  • loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies
  • desire to have children
  • a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than oneself
  • frustration with social skills

(Taken from www.en.wikipedia.org)

But no matter what happens, come what may, I am ready to take on the new challenges and obstacles in my life! Gonna get the best out of my life!


My Birthday Wishlist!

Hi my friends. The day has finally come (soon) that I achieve the next milestone in my life – 21 years old. Haha, yea I know, many gonna fold their arms and say “Huh?! Reuel is only 21?!” I get that a lot but I kinda like that! Isn’t it ironic that younger people wanna look older while older people wanna look younger? Hah, the great paradox. Alright, anyway back to the topic.

After attending countless 21st birthday parties, it’s finally my turn. Haha! I know the pains of traveling to some ulu pandan chalet (not that I am against it!), plus I am not very keen on holding a 3D2N chalet etc, as such I will be holding a small celebration at the function room at my place! (Kovan Melody, just beside Kovan MRT) Near right! Wahaha. I will be celebrating on the 5th of November, Friday (Deepavali Public Holiday!).

More than that, I want to celebrate with the people who has and/or continue to be a part of my life. Classmates, cell group and ex cell group members, family members, girlfriend, church friends, ministry friends and zone leaders. You people have left dozens of footprints in my life! Hah!

The party is by invite only, spouses and boyfriend/girlfriends may tag along but please inform beforehand so that I can settle the catering! 😀 (Please forgive me if you’re close to me and you’re not the invite list! Just drop me a sms to let me know. Very sorry, too many people to add.)

And as for the presents, here are some suggestions if you have difficulty in deciding a present for me. They may look in order from the most desired to the least (HAHA), but they are not. If I have blessed your life in any way, do take this time to bless me back! Haha! But if you have financial problems whatsoever, it’s really ok to come with just a card or even nothing. Your presence is much more important and valued than the presents. 🙂


Birthday Wishlist

  • Blackberry Playbook (Coming out next year only D: )
  • Ipad
  • Canon DSLR

  • Ipod Touch
  • Major shopping mall vouchers (You will never go wrong with vouchers.. haha)

  • Ed Hardy/CA vouchers
  • Pedro Vouchers
  • Pull and Bear vouchers
  • Clothes from
    (I like abstract tees so please choose with discretion, and no low cut please! I don’t have the assets to show. Lol)

  • Polaroid Camera
  • Red packet (Cash! Help me to pay for my braces!)
  • Bluetooth headset
  • A Puppy – Toybreed (Though I want one, and it’s too costly, and my mom will never buy one, if people give, I guess we won’t have any complaints.. Haha)
  • Liverpool Merchandise
  • A Gigantic birthday card!

  • Blackberry portable charger (batt powered etc)
  • Macbook
  • GV Gift Card


Cya at the party!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

21st Birthday Celebration Plans?

Tong was just asking me what am I gonna do for my birthday celebration, so I simply replied, “Err, nothing much, just hold a party at my place (the function room).” She was like, “Huh? That’s all?! Why not book a chalet? Aren’t you excited? 21st birthday leh!” From the looks of it, she is much more excited about my birthday than me, haha.

Anyway, just recently, my mind was trending on this two school of thoughts: ‘Enjoy Life’ and ‘Be thankful for the people that has added value to your life’.

On the topic of ‘Enjoy Life’ – It is important that we sow our time into people’s life but also equally important that we satisfy our own soul! “How can we tend to our neighbors’ lawn when ours is teeming with weeds?” – Reuel Eugene. Therefore, it is important that we take care of ourselves too. (If you have been taking care of your own lawn all the while… Time to turn your attention to other people’s.. Haha) 

It is also essential that we continue to be thankful and grateful for the people who has added value or has blessed our lives. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.”

As such, I thought why not combine both? Tada, the result – Enjoy life with the people who has added value to my life (Enjoy People). I thought it would be nice to have a weeklong celebration – do something [different] with different groups of friends to catch up, fellowship and have fun together! My mind gravitate towards these thoughts…

A Night’s Stay at Marina Bay Sands

1 day pass to Universal Studios Singapore

Go Karting at Kartright Speedway, Jurong

Paintball at Red  Dynasty Paintball Park
 Barbecue at my place

Gmax Reverse Bungee at Clarke Quay

Skydiving in Segemat, Malaysia


Here’s what I have found:

What do you think? Got any fun activities to recommend? 😀