My dad was one of the YOG Torchbearers!

My dad was one of the torchbearers at the North side of Singapore on the 7th of August. It was kinda funny to see my dad so excited, it’s not everyday that you see your parents so excited over something (running 100 m), so excited that he went to recce the place where he is supposed to be running, a day before. Our whole family was there to support him, including Tong who was also in the YOG spirit! Haha! Check out my dad holding the YOG torch! Below are photos of the entourage that pave the way for the torchbearers.

And they even presented him with an actual YOG torch! I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist playing with the torch. :X  Check it out!

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Support Youth Olympic Games, Support Singapore!

I don’t know about you, but I am really excited over the commencement of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in a few week’s time. 2010 is an eventual year for Singapore as two integrated resorts Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands opened at our shores earlier in the year, we will be celebrating our Nation’s 45th Anniversary, we will once again be holding the inaugural first and still the only Formula 1 Night race from 17 to 26 September 2010, with a very special inclusion; The First Ever Youth Olympics Games to be held on our Island State from 14 to 26 August 2010!

I am proud to say that I am a Singaporean, being able to be part of this vibrant nation. Many recent articles and statistics show Singapore as a top destination to reside in or head to for a short holiday. Our projected GDP growth is a whooping 13% to 15% increase, ahead of the powerhouse; China. Surveys have shown that Singaporeans are highly sought after overseas, and the lists goes on. Not bad for an island nation huh. But this year, we have the awesome privilege to host the Youth Olympic Games, which I feel is one of Singapore’s greatest milestone and achievement yet. 

I felt very patriotic when watching the torch bearing ceremony from the origins of the event; Olympia itself. For decades, we could only watch the Olympic Games from afar as well as only being able to send a few athletes for selected sports. Who could have thought that 2010 could be our year to be part of the Olympic movement? 

Still, I must express disappointments in our fellow countrymen’s response to YOG. I was talking to my brother the other time and the conversation goes something like this.. 

Me: “Hey, you got support the YOG anot?” (pardon me, I like to use Singlish actually haha) 

Bro: “No.” 

Me: “Why? Our country is hosting the Youth Olympic Games lei, don’t you feel proud?” 

Bro: “Precisely, because of YOG, my sem (school semester) is shortened and project deadlines are reduced.” 

I am disappointed but I can’t blame him can I? Adding to the list, my mother, some friends and classmates also do not support the YOG. From what I can see, many voice their support for the YOG, but many Singaporeans also do not support the YOG. This scene paints a totally different picture compared to the one in 2008 when Singaporeans were celebrating at the stadium upon receiving the news that Singapore is awarded the country to host the first YOG. Where is our patriotism? Where is our cavalry? The Government identified that problem and has been trying to promote and motivate Singaporeans to support the event, but to what level of success? You can’t really make someone patriotic, can you? 

But should the Government be the ones responsible to promote the event to Singaporeans? Many of us watch the World Cup matches in awe as we observe the passion of the Spaniards, Deutschland, Argentinians etc as they support their country during the FIFA World Cup 2010. Though our team is far from qualifying to play in the World Cup unfortunately, I should say that the YOG is Singapore’s World Cup! What an awesome privilege to be able to host this iconic and historical event that has occurred for centuries. 

Still, I have to agree with my brother’s statement. Perhaps there could have been an increased nationwide effort to reduce the curriculum for students or workload for adults prior to or during the YOG period. Even so, it is too late to make any mitigation to the situation. 

With that said, it is up to us Singaporeans to support and cheer for our own nation’s success. No one else would, not the French, not the Americans, not the Malaysians. Now the ball is in our court, what are we going to do with it? 

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene

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2 Weeks to Asia Conference!

If you have not heard of Asia Conference, the biggest Christian conference of the year coming up in the month of May, you’ve probably been living in a cave! As of 12 May 2010, we are 2 weeks or 14 days away to 5-day long Asia Conference!

Asia Conference will be held at Singapore Expo premises from 26 – 30 May 2010. Organized by City Harvest Church, attendees of Asia Conference would be given Exclusive Asia Conference tags (passport to accessing the conference sessions and electives on weekdays), limited edition Asia Conference packs, attend sessions with a stellar lineup of speakers; Dr Cho, Dr Lee, Dr Phil, Dr A.R. Bernard, Rev. Reinhard Bonnke, Dr John Avanzini, Dr Prince Guneratnam and last but not least, our beloved Rev. Dr. Kong Hee!

Attendees can also attend electives by speakers Dr Kim Sunghae, Rev. Steve Munsey, Rev. Casey Treat, Rev. Tan Ye Peng to better handle relationships, personal development, improve their ministry, to excel in the marketplace or to become better husbands and wives! The finals of the various Asia-lympics contests and competitions such as Beauty Pageant and Manhunt, The Greatest Loser, Word Power etc, will also be held during the conference!

All right! Take a breather! (I know, it’s just way too exciting to miss!)

Overall, when you attend Asia Conference, Expect:
– Limited edition Asia Conference tags and conference pack
– Awesome preaching
by stellar lineup of speakers
– Paradigm Shift in perspectives and mindset
– Great lineup of electives to choose from
– Exciting and Fantabulous Competitions to watch!
– Life-changing experience mixing with Christians all over the world

You’re in for a good time, friends! Beware, a life-changing experience awaits you. Be warned.

See you at Asia Conference!

Yours Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.

For more information on Asia Conference and Conference schedule, visit

Singapore Arts Festival 2010

National Arts Council presents the Singapore Arts Festival 2010. The Singapore Arts Festival began in 1977 as a national showcase celebrating the local arts of Singapore’s diverse communities and is currently in its 33rd year running.

This year’s festival taking place at the Esplanade from 14 May to 13 June is themed ‘Between You and Me’, encouraging the public to get closer to the arts and to participate in it. There will be performances both free and ticketed, gathering renowned local and foreign acts from around the region to one location. Anyone and everyone can join the Arts Fest club for free to stay tuned to the latest happenings and activities happening at the Singapore Arts Festival.

The festival will end with a mega line-dance gathering people from the line-dance community groups islandwide, numbering 20,000 from all walks of life, sources said. So mark down the various performances on your calendar,get exposed and get involved!

Your Sincerely,
Reuel Eugene.


Singapore Arts Festival Official Website:

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