Photography Me Series
The images we see with our eyes helps us to make sense of this world that we live in. For me, I see God [and His imprints] in the beauty of images. The ‘Aleph’ (Moment) can come in the most ordinary circumstances. Join me on my sojourns either abroad or locally. Keep your eyes and hearts open.



Scribblings Series
Scribblings is a series about the musings and writings from the heart, of the heart, for the heart. In it, Reuel Writes makes sense of the world surrounding him. There is more to the everyday ordinary things than meets the eye.



Pocket-size Devotional Series
i first started penning down my thoughts and inflections a few years ago. I capture my inflections and what was impressed in my heart during my difficult moments and my happy ones. Devotions that can be read in 5 minutes and inflections much longer, may this words give you comfort and strength to your faith.



Reuel Art Series (Currently under construction)
A picture speak a thousand words. Sometimes though, a painting paints a million. The Reuel Art Series is a collection of acrylic paintings produced by Reuel Writes. Majority if not all, were God-inspired; came into inception when he was reading the Word, praying, mediating on His Promises, or simply out of a sudden remembrance.

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