Published Articles

Past Articles written by Reuel Eugene and published in City News:

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Two Sermons, A Dance And A Cupcake
God Is With Us This Christmas
Getting Equipped To Go The Extra Mile
Wearing The Word
The Vintedge Advantage
They SHINE Like Stars
How SOT Has Changed Our Lives
Plug, Charge And Drive
A New Spin
Emerge 2011: Feel The Heartbeat
Success At A Snap
Ice Ice Baby
Youth With A Mission
Last Man Hanging
Going Forth, Prepared
V.Hive Achieves Superbrand Status
A Theological Pursuit
A Music School For All Ages
Making Art Of The Past
Those Who Can, Teach
Get Connected With CHC!
Japan Aid Efforts: An Update
Timeless Hawker Delights
A Queenly Night
Footwork And Handstands
Anointed To Serve
Happy Meals
Old Songs, New Sounds
A Heart For Missions
Fitness, Fun And Fellowship
Riding High
Magic Reinterpreted
Ministry In Focus: Strikeforce
Ministry In Focus: Choir
Called To Worship
Ministry Matters
Seeing The Value In People
Writing Songs To Worship God
One Vision, Three Businesses
Young Lives, Big Hearts
Vote For Belinda!
Beautiful … And Married
Can’t Keep A Good Team Down
Are You Kind? Clear Your Tray!
Be Kind, Clear Your Food Tray
Hubert Wee, Scrabble Rebel
The Big Screen: Fame
Kids Breakout @ Singapore Poly!
City News Charity Car Boot Sale @ Big Splash
Ipoh Mission Trip
Dress Smart, Book-Smarts!
Racial Harmony Tour
‘Blind Meets Mute’ Gig @ Starbucks
Dreams Come True
Lost in Ubin
Well Done, CHC Drama Ministry!
I Heart Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

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