11 Types of Players You Will Meet in DOTA 2

Like it or not, here are 11 players you will meet in the Southeast Asia server of DOTA 2.

Make no mistake, online gaming is booming and Asia is right in the epic center of it all. According to Statista, ‘over half a billion people worldwide play video and computer games on a daily basis, culminating some three billion hours of video games played per week around the globe.

The top four games are League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft and DOTA 2. While the mechanics are different, one of the common element shared by all of these games is that they are hyper competitive and even addictive.

The International PHOTO: read.navi-gaming.com

All that attention culminates in the form of ‘eSports’, a term to describe competitive pro-gaming. According to BBC and reported by Techinasia, ‘2013’s League of Legends World Championship attracted a massive 32 million viewers across online streams and offline viewing events.’

The prize pool for this year’s DOTA 2 competition, The International broke all records in eSports history, totalling more than US$18 million in prize money of which more than US$16 million were contributed by the players. Now that’s a lot of time and money spent on gaming. I am a gamer myself and I play DOTA 2. Through the game, I encountered 11 types of players which are interesting to say the least.

Here are your 11 players, check it out.

Can you identify these players in your games? Are there any I’ve missed out? Share them in the comments section below. Disclaimer though, this is just a fun post. Don’t go full mental over it.

1. The Vulgar Dudes

The vocabulary of these guys kids are very limited and colourful at the same time. They can string together seemingly singular profanities into one epic, coherent (and sometimes funny) sentence. Nothing is off-limits to these guys, including bringing your parents into the mix. If they have to put a dollar in the jar everytime they cuss or swear in a full 60 minutes game, whoever receives this jar could be a millionaire.

Their objective is to piss you off and they derive much satisfaction when you get worked up. Best way to deal with these guys is to not reply them. By swearing back at them, you provoke them to up their game and bring in your education, IQ and even your ancestry in their insults. Take what they say with a pinch of salt. Most of them are kids anyway. Or reply them with a :). Pisses them off even more.

2. The Feeder(s)

GIF: tumblr.com

You know you’re in deep trouble when your teammate who demanded for mid is down by 4 deaths with 0 kills. You know you’re in deeper trouble when your team’s only carry is feeding 0-10. You know it’s a GG when you have both of such players. There must be something wrong with DOTA’s match-fixing because there’s always seems to be at least one feeder in your team.

One of these players even tries out a new hero which they have never played before (or suck at) in a ranked game. Often, their feeding incurs the wrath of their teammates who swear at them excessively. Their logic is, “I’m playing DOTA to have fun, what’s the problem?” Well, I hate to break it to you but you’re spoiling the game of your other four teammates. Your other four teammates are playing because they derive fun from winning the game, not losing it. Go play Co-op Bot game if you’re not so good. Get some practice dude.

3. The Pinoys

GIF: business2community.com

Pinoy is another word for Filipinos. “Putang ina mo“, “bobo” and other totally incomprehensible words to majority of gamers in DOTA Asia servers, these guys are playing their own game. They utter words that no one understands but their own kind in a game that’s indisputably international in nature. It’s just coincidental that a lot of them suck at DOTA and feed as well.

Who hates these guys? Practically everyone on Asia server who isn’t a Pinoy apparently. Gamers hate them so much that some change their account names to Fuc*Pinoys. The DOTA community even came out with a word ‘Peenoise‘ for every word uttered by the Pinoys. Personally, I don’t have a vendetta against them (I have Filipino friends), but many are seriously irritating, flooding the group and voice chat with their Tagalog. Plus, they suck at DOTA. Instead of trying to build an exclusive culture with their unique language, they should try to blend in with the larger community of DOTA players. Speak English damnit. And stop feeding.

4. The DJs and Picassos

GIF: buzzfeed.com

These are by far one of the most irritating DOTA players you will encounter. They like to switch their mics on and play some stupid music, or even sing into the mic. Thankfully, DOTA 2 has a mute button for these dimwits. And then, there’s the ‘Picasso’. DOTA 2 allows players to draw on the mini map to signal to their allies the route of attack or where their enemies are. Some players abuse this system to doodle on the mini map.

I have no plausible explanation for why anybody would do that. Unfortunately, DOTA does not have a mute button for this. Bottom line, these guys need help. They need psychiatric treatment. Pronto.

5. The Blamer(s)

GIF: rebloggy.com

Noob mid“, “Failed carry“, “Noob hook“, “Feeder” and more. Blamers are a dime a dozen in DOTA. All of us blamed another at some point while playing DOTA. I confess. Boys being boys, finding someone to take the fall for the team’s defeat is very common. But it’s not a very healthy culture. Perhaps we could do away with this blaming culture that’s prevalent in all competitive games. Highly unlikely though.

6. The Chuck Norris

PHOTO: news.randomenthusiasm.com

GIF: lowqueue.com

These guys are like the Mew pokemon, super rare. They are so good at DOTA, they could wipe out all five enemies with heavy damage items (from fast farming) and clever play. They are the Chuck Norris, the Terminator, the Stone Cold Steve Austin, you get it right? Treat them well and buy wards for them, they will secure the victory.

7. The Failed Carry

GIF: themillennialfalcon.wordpress.com

These guys are the antithesis of how carry heroes should be. You know it’s GG when the mid hero your team’s only carry has no heavy damage items at the 20th minute. There’s no cure for noobology. My advice for these guys, use support hero in your next game.

8. The Cyclops

PHOTO: mothership.sg

If these players are mutants, I’m highly possible they will have Cyclops’ powers. Eye power is strong in them. They will never engage in a team fight with you. Or they will watch you die before swooping in to kill the enemy. While the rest is clashing with the enemy team, this guy is farming in the jungle.

These fellas need a tight slap. Buy a force staff and push them into the enemy’s line of sight. That ought to do the trick.

9. The Support

These guys are rare. They buy the observer wards, the sentry wards and the flying courier. Nobody enjoys warding because it reaps ‘little personal benefit’. So when you have heroes in your team who decided to ward, treasure them. Say nice things to them. And most importantly, don’t take their courier when they are using it to ward.

Personally, I have a habit of not warding when people take my courier.

10. The KSer

PHOTO: foxlvon.com

The classic player. You find them in every competitive game. In DOTA 2, you have Zeus the ultimate Kill-stealing machine. And there are players who uses Lion’s Finger of Death or Lina’s Laguna Blade on a dying enemy hero with 1/10 health left. These guys deserve a four-month ban – from DOTA – like Suarez.

How to deal with such players? Personally, I have a penchant for hiding their items in some secluded part of the map so they have to save money all over again to buy that item… *Smiles to self*

11. The Game Thrower

pangseh king

PHOTO: knowyourmeme.com

Of all the as*holes here, this has got to be the biggest one. They are worse than players who abandon the game. Some of these guys like to shout mid or feed. And they actually mean it. They charge into the enemy’s base like lamb to the slaughter. These players are like 3-year-old babies, and worse. They don’t get what they want and they make a big fuss about it. Final score is usually 0-20 for them.

I suggest sending Liam Neeson after them. “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you, and I will kill beat the shit out of you.” RW

Keeping (CNY) Traditions


When I was young, CNY was the ultimate festive period I look forward to year after year. Because my late grandparents resided at my place, the entire extended family comes to my place to 拜年 (pronounced ‘Bai Nian’ – Chinese for ‘Wishing somebody a Happy Chinese New Year). I love gatherings. I totally love it. I love the feasting, the CNY movie watching, the Black Jack playing (…Yes! Hahaha), the 紅包 (pronounced ‘Hong Bao’ – Chinese for ‘Red Packet’, monetary blessing presented by elders and married people to children and singles for ‘good luck’ and blessing) receiving and just having fun with all my cousins.

Today, much has changed. Many of us ‘young ones’ are no longer young as we once were.

The matriarch and patriarch of the family may no longer be, but we continue to come together in celebration of how we were placed (by God) in the same family out of so many other families out there.

Some of us may be doing better than our elders, even driving fast cars and carrying expensive watches. But we continue to honor our elders for all the outings, wanton mees and wise council they have given us.

The dollar bills in our red packets may no longer entice us as they did when we had little in our pockets. But the well wishes behind each red packet is worth its weight in gold.

Many of us no longer gamble (because we are Christians!) but we continue to have wholesome bonding.

Lastly, the activities that we enjoy, be it having sumptuous steamboat, playing mahjong or watching a CNY movie, we continue to participate in them even though we have outside friends and activities to indulge with/in, because by doing so we contribute to the unity that has kept the family unit strong through the years.

Some may say that CNY is lackluster in comparison to previous years. It may be so. But CNY is still my favorite period of the year. By keeping traditions, we keep CNY alive in our families and in our hearts.

Instagram For The Win!


And so I just came back from exile and like a prisoner too accustomed to darkness finding difficulty adjusting his eyes to the light, I am still learning how to find my way around all the social media platforms. One such platform is…. Instagram! I love it that I can post photos of what inspires me, or puts me in the crazed poet state. And so, I get to post interesting photos that caught my attention, plus write about it there, with much ease that WordPress cannot provide or compare. Plus, there’s editing properties that touches up the photos taken by the less-than-ideal camera that came with the S3. Not that I am forsaking my abode at WordPress, writing on WordPress will always be one of my joys [and hates because I devote a lot of time, energy and effort to research and find out on the subject topic I’ve picked] which I used to talk about issues that holds a place in my heart.


Still, the truth is, I am out of time. No, I’m not dying. I have just entered a phase in my life called University life [and hopefully work life, so if you’re an employer, employ me la okay, okay, okay?] Enrolled in Murdoch’s Bachelor in Communications and Media and Public Relations double major programme, I am really hard-pressed for time. I am a firm believer that if we start on something, we should endeavor to not just complete it, but to complete it with excellence. Not a guy who’s particularly good with multitasking, I will have to sacrifice on some fronts to make up for school [and work, please God I need a job].


So please forgive me if this space is empty for prolonged periods of time. Still, you can still see condensed versions of what goes on in my mind through my Instagram account. I was told by a friend that I write too much on Instagram though, so… not that I really care. But I was told by other friends that they love what I write. Herein lies my thoughts, musings and anecdotes about faith, hope, love, having a positive spirit, stuff like that. My last Instagram entry on THE MARRIAGE, THE VOW AND THE RING reached my highest recorded writings on Instagram with a total of 384 words.. So… sign up for an Instagram account! And follow me, walk with me and see things from my perspective. Plus I ‘write a lot’ for some Instagram posts, so you’re getting bang for buck! Kinda. It’s not all dead serious stuff. Some are just plain lame and stupid, or funny. I think you will like it.

I have some really sensitive topics I would like to address on WordPress, but that will have to wait till my term break. Be blessed and take care!

Reuel Write’s Instagram ID: reueleugene




New Initiative Coming Up!


Okay so here I am, reading up, doing my research, designing, preparing for a new online business initiative allegedly called Legacy Prints. This initiative allows friends to purchase atypical postcards from the comfort of their home, at the click of a [few] button, at a reasonable price. As a writer and one who loves to give something that ‘comes from the heart’, I delight in penning down words of encouragement and love on print and giving them to my loved ones. It’s like giving a piece of ‘you’ to your loved ones. However, I sometimes find it hard to locate nice postcards. Either the designs are too outdated, or it’s way too expensive. Hence the idea of Legacy Prints.

Looking to price them at a reasonable rate (but not at a cutthroat price ah, I am not a charity!), I am hoping to also turn it into a social enterprise – giving x percentage to charities centered on disadvantaged children because education is the key out of poverty and our nation’s children are our nation’s future leaders – when I break even.

If you’re reading this, may I ask if you would purchase this if this product and service was made available to you? Up to how much are you willing to pay per print/set of 3? Is there any advice you can give me or on how I can serve you better?

Much appreciated!

Editor’s note as of 11 September 2013:
It will be a social enterprise right from start.

Six DO’s And DONT’s To Surviving The First Date (Sort of)

And so yesterday marks the end of my military life (for now) and the start of school life. We were tasked to come up with a feature article on the topic of ‘Dating’ at today’s Feature writing class within 30 minutes. Here’s what I make of this jargon.

P.S. I threw in a standfirst, byline and lead paragraph and touched up the grammar just a bit.

Six DO’s And DONT’s To Surviving The First Date

Picture 095

By Reuel Eugene Tay

We all get the glitters at the mention of first dates. Here are some tips to surviving the first date and hopefully clinch the next.

So, you are here because you have asked [or am about to ask] someone out on the first date. Or you’re on the receiving end of the first date. Whichever it is, much is at stake here because you could either appear to be a complete bore and be friendzoned, find yourself coming forth as too desperate or a total insensitive moron, or you could come up tops to clinch the next date. Either way, you’re here because this first date matters, to you at least. So here’s some general tips for you ladies and gentlemen to making it through this either pleasant or hellish night.

1. DO some background research

Sun Tzu said something like ‘know thy enemy as thyself, win a hundred battles’. It is never more essential than to do a little background research on your date for the night prior to meeting him/her. This may sound hypocritical, but you could be in deep trouble if you’re going in blind; being clueless about your date. Finding out about his/her likes, hobbies, interests or even philosophies gives you a rough overall impression of what kind of person you’re about to face. It makes for good conversation starters (Just don’t let him/her know that you did your due research, be natural and cool about it). Plus, if you’re not interested in the other party anymore after finding out more about him/her, there’s time for you to back out rather than to be a moron on the first date.

2. DON’T just talk too much or sing praises about yourself

You’re not going for an interview, do not hard-sell yourself. You’re killing your date. Give the date some breathing space. However, do not allow the other party to do all the talking either, it will make you look like a complete bore. Engage in the conversation as well. Dating is like playing tennis. [Only] serve when the ball is in your court.

3. DO allow the date to take its natural course

While there might be a certain level of expectations for the first date, allow the experience to be organic. Weather-talking and talking for the sake of talking [to break the awkward silence] is many times uncalled for. Last thing you want is for your date to feel even more awkward than he/she is already is or worse, find you to be someone of little ‘depth’. Sometimes, a brief moment of silence may not be too hurting at all. It allows the other party to think through his/her thoughts and make calculated decisions in engaging the date. A proverb said, “Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace”.

4. DON’T complain

One of the major turnoffs for guys as with girls is the obsolete art of complaining. Complaining about how bad your day has been or how much you hate your job is going to take out massive points from that dating experience. Be positive and inject as much positive energy into that 2 to 3 hours of dating time. It will do a world of good for you and him/her.

5. DO engage in activities that you can interact with each other

Dinners are a given for first dates. However, once you’re done with dinner, skip the usual movie-going. While movies may be a good way to spend time with the opposite party without having to [risk talking] much, what it really means is ‘You have wasted two full hours of interaction time with your date on the first date!’ Engaging in activities that allows one to know the other better is always a bonus as it increases the possibility of a second date. A stroll in the park could be nice as your attention span will be fixated on each other and each other only. If you’re not ready for that, catching a live street performance for example is an alternative that is free, fun, and allows for conversation. But that would also mean you need to do your due diligence in researching for interesting places. of course.

6. DO be yourself.

After all that is said and done, while you’re trying to impress your date to secure the next, you need to be practical. Pretending to be someone you’re not will only burn you out eventually or even be the underlying factor to potential big-ass quarrels in the future should you really get together. If the opposite party doesn’t seem to respond positively to the real you, perhaps it’s time to just move on and wait for the next one. Somewhere out there, there’s someone who likes you for being you. Till then, pull up your socks, grit your teeth, and prepare for the next first date.

Fulfilling Your Wildest Dreams: Amin Alifin

Just moments earlier, like an out-of-date stone-age man who finally realized someone invented the fire, I found out that an ex-schoolmate and CCA mate won the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 [months earlier], did exceptionally well at O School’s Wonderment production ’13, and is on his way to Japan [as of now] to represent Singapore in Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20 (also the origin of Dance Delight series; one of dance’s world most competitive competitions with winners – and even participants – owning lifetime bragging rights).

Photo grabbed from https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1170682_10151617626808471_279482223_n.jpg

If you’re in tuned with the dance scene in Singapore, you should have already heard of Amin Alifin. We haven’t bump into each other for a while now ever since last year’s Army Openhouse. We first signed up for Stage Arts, a two-part CCA specializing in dance and drama under Nanyang Polytechnic. Having received [just a bit of] training in O School (Haha yes, I ever took up dancing before ages ago), I passed the auditions with relative ease while some faced slight difficulties with the Jazz routine and Across-the-floor. In our batch, the few men who passed the auditions and stayed with the group were namely; Amin, Nicholas and myself.

We trained under the tutelage of one of the best Jazz teachers we were privileged to have; Peter Teo. Dance practices were tough; we clock a minimum two dance practices a week, each taking up four hours [and more actually]. Two was spent on body conditioning (stretching – flexibility is very important for Jazz dancers), one hour on across-the-floor where we practice our techniques across the dance studio and the last hour on the routine for the night. I remember going home after every practice dead-beat and waking up the next day with much difficulty. Amin and Nicholas, both having little-to-none background in dance trained and worked harder than anyone I know. One of the hallmarks of Jazz (similar to Ballet) dancing is the pirouettes (or turns). While many faded into the background, Amin and Nicholas continued to work on their pirouettes and techniques. Before I know it, Amin and Nicholas mastered one complete pirouette, then two, then three, then four, while I struggled with just two. Under Peter’s recommendation, they were put into Jitterbug’s audition (for some dance apprenticeship thingy) and they got in. (Last I heard, they were in the range of ten or so)

While I wavered and eventually left the group and dance altogether to focus on other things, Amin and Nicholas trained doubly hard in their craft. Stage Arts wasn’t even the IT (popular) CCA, having lived under the shadows of its sister group, Foreign Bodies but it doesn’t matter. Moving on to a more competitive, tougher and professional level [in the Jitterbugs program], their passion and enthusiasm for dance never wavered, only increase tenfold. The number of pirouettes they can do in one single move is astounding and their flexibility shocking [within such a short time span]. That was the last I know and today, Amin is one of Singapore’s best up-and-coming dancer. I’m pretty sure this journey was not just filled with sweat [a whole lot of it, take my word], blood and tears, it must had been filled with doubts, criticisms and all, perhaps by the people closest to him.  On the larger scheme of things, dance; like arts is after all rarely seen as a job that can bring in the dough [in Singapore].

I like what American author, Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

One quote we always recite in Church, “If you can see it, you can have it.” And Amin did just that. Awarded with the coveted Singapore Dance Delight winner’s trophy, performed the centerpiece item for O School’s Wonderment and flying off to Japan to represent Singapore; the journey’s tough, but the pain is worth it.

See, it doesn’t matter what others say or think. If you have a dream, you got to keep running for it. There will be the up slopes [don’t stop running] and the down slopes [enjoy the moment]. It’s gonna be tough, you may run out of breath and it may take every ounce of fiber in you to keep putting your feet forward one after another, but don’t stop. Keep going. Run with the wind. Before you know it, you’re that much closer and would have inspired a whole movement behind your back.

To end, American author, Marianne Williamson said:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we’re liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

“I’m so proud of you bro! It’s my honor to have known you! Do us proud in Japan!”