Scribblings: Thoughts


“What is she thinking about?”, “How does he find me?”, “What should I wear for later?”, “Please stop talking”, a hundred and one thoughts could have just gone by within a faction of a moment. Those thoughts sway between the good thoughts and the not-so-good ones.

If I were to put a dollar coin for every negative thought that has been conceived in my mind from beginning to end, I could be a millionaire by year end. Selfish thoughts, critical thoughts, self-serving thoughts, lustful thoughts, condemning thoughts, greedy thoughts, angry thoughts, self-beating thoughts and more – while we cannot stop what goes on in our mind; what we think about, we could learn how to manage them.

The not-so-nice thoughts will come but it is how we manage them that matters. Thoughts first enters as a guest in a house; a passing thought. The thought overstays its visit though when we choose to entertain those thoughts in our heads. Those thoughts when entertained long enough manifests into reality, producing an action. If the process is repeated long enough, becomes a habit.

Our thoughts frame our world and give us a basis as to what we want to strive for, hence it is utterly important to manage those not-so-good thoughts properly. We disarm those thoughts when we choose not to entertain and feed them.

Bernard Cohen was right on the money when he commented “The press may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling its readers what to think about.” The same goes for our mind. We may not be able to tell our mind what to think, we could give it a context to think about. The books that we read and digest into our soul, the television programmes we watch, the friends we allow in our lives all play a part in influencing out thought patterns.

If we do that long enough, we are able to identify a wrong thought from the get-go, dismember it and save all the trouble – saying and doing the wrong things.

And ultimately, to put Jesus as the anchor of our soul and our thought life.

What we conceive in that great gift-of-a-brain of ours could be dangerous. If so, let it be dangerous in a way that it will change the world for the better.

Scribblings: The Mountain Experience


As I come to the end of days in Taiwan, experienced my fair share of discomfort, pain and suffering; the epiphany that came out of it was unexpectedly rewarding. Though I did not climb the nodes of Taiwan, I did so for the seven nodes and Mount Biang of Brunei, hence I could identify with that rather unpleasant experience.

The ascent up is definitely difficult with every step; filled with rocks that can cause one to stumble or fall off the cliffs, plants that cut into the flesh, slops that seem impossible to climb, mosquitoes that stalks one through the entire journey. Much ‘what-ifs’ plagues the mind continuously, complaints and whining are not too far away and beads of sweat irritates the eyes. The desperation when you realize you’re still a distance away from the peak and too far off from the foot of the mountain to turn back to.

Yet diligence [almost always] reaps rewards. The view from the top is unparalleled unlike any other; the steep and breathtaking mountain views, the [really] clear blue skies, the smell of the winds mixed with the scent of grass, the rays of the [setting] sun, the stellar show of stars that fill the night sky, oh what glee!

And isn’t that how life is? [Life] will always reward the diligent and those who stuck all through the way. Pain may be temporary, but the view from up there is worth much more. Some mountain-scaling may be obligatory, some voluntary. But if you could make it all the way to the top, that experience has not been wasted and instead turns into a rather fruitful one. Something beautiful can come out from your mountain experience.