Conversations: The Smartphone Noob

And so I finally walked out of my darkness-of-a-Nokia-phone, and into the light-of-a-Samsung-S3. I know, I know, why S3? Why not get the latest S4 or wait for the Note 3? Well, I was never a person given to the latest phone trends.. Plus.. read the following situations I’ve encountered…

3 Completely Isolated Incidences.

1. Smartphone talk to me at class

Teacher teaching at feature writing class…..

Me bored, fiddles with my temporary Samsung Galaxy Tab phone. Double taps the middle button, the screen turns black, a window appears and the phone TALKS to me, asking me “What would you like to do” in the middle of class.

Too accustomed to Apple, I pressed it AGAIN. Faints*

2. Mom enters the room, sees me fiddling with my new Samsung S3 smartphone.

Mom: So have you mastered using your phone yet?

Me: Nope, still getting used to. I just came back from smartphone exile.

3. Whatsapp a friend to signify my return to the world of Whatsapp.

J: Got your whatsapp back!^^

Me: Yes! Sorry to make you spend money on sms all this time

J: Hahaha it’s okayy, you’re the only one using it^^

Me: Wa am I supposed to feel honoured? Haha


And so, I can handle photoshop, lightroom, illustrator, photography, writing, painting, life saving and so on, but I have yet to master my smartphone. No need for a S4. I’m just a not-so-smart person trying to keep up with the smartphone. Hahaha

Conversations: The Troll Brother

Me enters brother’s room.

Brother: Where did you go early in the morning sia?

Me: Army Half Marathon la. You don’t need to go meh?

Brother: Nope, I’m not in the army. *gives a smug look*

Me: ‘Ha-ha’. I will tell you I’m not in the army next week okay?

Brother: *Speechless*

Me before leaving the room: ORD loh!

Satisfaction guaranteed. πŸ™‚

Conversations With Uncle Chandra (Part 2)

Paris BaguettePHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay (Ipad2)


I met uncle Chandra again the following night as he was once again on night shift. He beckoned me to receive a gift; Bacon and egg croissant from Paris Baguette. It was a gift from a Korean girl to him just 15 minutes from the time I met uncle Chandra. I kindly refused, but he insisted and said he can’t eat it anyway since he is on vegetarian today.

I told him about the Facebook post, and how so many are blessed by his words. Continuing from where he left off yesterday, he said that God comes in many forms (people). Uncle Chandra would never leave home for work without first making and drinking a warm cup of premium coffee. But when there are days that he had to give that a miss, there will be residents who come to him with a can of coffee from convenience stores. He said, buying the $1.50 coffee is one thing, thinking about him when they were buying the coffee and carrying it here makes all the difference. Even days that he did not have dinner before work, there will be residents who would buy Punggol nasi lemak for him. He said, “How would they know I haven’t eaten?” There was even one occasion when he gave away food given to him from a resident to other colleagues, and gotten other stuff(coffee) from another resident.

I like that.

I saw how he was blessed, how he blessed others, giving away what others gave to him and getting more blessed in return. I saw how he knew almost all the residents who came back home by the side gate after a long day. Truly all things will work together for the good of those who love God (and people), even if the faiths may be a tad different.

Before I left, uncle Chandra said he was saving the food for someone special. Thank you uncle Chandra. Though I am not hungry, I will eat it heartily, knowing that my stomach and heart will be filled tonight.

Conversations With Uncle Chandra (Part 1)

Last Friday after Good Friday service, tired as I am, I spent a good 20 minutes talking to the night guard, Chandra. Learnt so much from this fruitful and humbling conversation. Chandra shared that Jesus and Christianity is good and he respects that even though he is a Hindu. He revealed something new to me that back in the 1960s and 1970s, there used to be a public holiday for Easter Sunday too, thus stretching to ‘Easter Monday’, making it a long public holiday break. During those periods, car races were held and people had lots of fun both participating and spectating.

As we learnt about one another, Chandra shared that he was part of the first batch of soldiers trained by Israeli forces when SAF was just formed! How amazing was that? His son was an engineer, and a brilliant one who excelled during his time in MINDEF during his NS liability. He was the brains behind removing the ‘S’ when it comes to filling up data so that today we no longer need to key the extra ‘S’ when we want to key in our ID.

Chandra said that when I come to church, I need to come before Jesus with my feelings; my heart, I cannot just come to church like a religious obligation. By coming to Jesus with my heart, then only can I expect help from above. Many words was exchanged during the short conversation, and with it, life from a 60-year-old to a 24-year-old as well. I am blessed by this experience.

Before I left, he said today’s a Good Friday, and also a sad friday (because Jesus died). I replied, it’s okay because He came back!

Uncle chandraPHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay (Ipad2)

Grace and Blessings, in Disguise

These two weekends beginning last week has just been a little horrible for me. I was just about to take a slow shower and head to church when I received a call to return to camp for duty within two hours. So, instead of the slow, nice shower and a great time in church I should be enjoying, I had to take a quick shower and rush back to camp and go through four days of night duty which totally screw up my biological clock.

So, I missed service last week, and am about to do so again for this week. This is so simply because there are super duper selfish people who choose to take medical leave before their duty, causing others to have to take their place. To be honest, I was fuming mad. If one is genuinely sick, I understand, but to take medical leave simply because they desire not to do their duty is simply detestable, these people.

Dad was nice enough to fetch me from camp. I was complaining to dad about these people and was totally in self-pity really.

Dad encouraged me in Chinese,

“You know that there are such selfish people out there and there will be more of such people of this calibre when you enter the workforce in future. But don’t go down to their level. Don’t be angry over what they have done, because it won’t do you any good. If you look at it from a two-dimensional perspective, you will definitely be boiled down to anger. Try to see things from a three-dimensional perspective. What matters is you know you did not do what these people did and that’s all that matters.

Let this painful experience build you, make you stronger, more resilient, more tougher so that you will be better equipped to take on life’s challenges which will come in the future. One day, when your son goes through a similar predicament during his army days, you can say to him that you went through it before, and if you made it, so can he.

Even I, a lowly educated person can make it, and give our family a comfortable living and even a condo to live in, I am absolutely sure you can do it as well.

When that day comes, you can fetch him from camp, just like how I am fetching you now.”

My dad and I don’t have a lot of common topics. There can sometimes be awkward silence hanging in the air when we two are left alone. But I am totally glad to have that conversation with my dad. I feel so encouraged. Perhaps that’s the reason why God allowed this to happen. Because I can have this opportunity to hear from my dad and to engage in this rare father-son conversation.

Hearing my dad talk about two and three dimensions, I have more edge..! We are four-dimensional beings with the Holy Spirit on our side! Plus, hearing this ‘sign’ about dimensions makes me recognize that this whole event must be planned by God. Sometimes I feel ashamed too. I thought I was mature. Looks like I still have a lot to learn.

Thank You Jesus in any case. Thank You for the grace to go through the horrible moments. Thank You for the blessing of being able to engage in conversation with my father. I know that everything falls into Your plan, and that plan is for my good.

FamilyPHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay – Rare Family Photo (Ipad2)

Christmas List

Dear Santa,

Christmas is just round the corner. Santa, have I been good? Well anyhow, who wouldn’t like receiving pressies? So here’s my Christmas list. I have also taken the liberty to include the price in my country’s currency. So sorry, we don’t have chimneys in Singapore, but i do have a small balcony, its unlocked *wink*. Santa [or any Santa wannabes], if I am on the good kids list, do grant my wish(es). Much appreciated!

Good kid,
Reuel Eugene

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Bread Toaster ($50+/-)
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