Lessons From Jaclyn Ying Wedding Episode

Took this photo of Michael in his favourite B&W format.

A Facebook post from a newlywed went viral over the past week. Many Singaporeans shared the post, shamed and took pot shots at the photographer. I met up with my good friend and pro photographer Michael Chan, and discovered that Michael has actually reached out to the photographer over Facebook.

Below was roughly what Michael shared with me.
“I almost wanted to share the post but decided not to. This is a crisis in that photographer’s life and I think this [situation] can happen to anyone. It might be difficult for this photographer to move on from this chapter of his life. So I reached out to him as I wanted to help him take better photos.”

Michael will be meeting the photographer in question soon. Let’s hope he gets better at photography. It’s very human for us to laugh and shame. But let’s not forget the virtue of empathy. Blessed by the sharing. Thank you Michael for an important lesson on empathy and thank you for teaching us that it’s a human thing to help another human being.

Many friends have told me that my photos are nice (thank you for your kind words but I got a lot of areas to improve on) and asked how did I pick up photography. In 2011, I was about to embark on my first solo backpacking trip to Taiwan. I asked Michael if he could lend me a DSLR to try out photography.

Michael not only lent me a DSLR, he lent me a Canon 5D Mk II, the best Canon DSLR of that time. That’s unheard of because who would lend such an expensive equipment to a novice? That’s like a soldier lending his rifle to a civilian. Thank you Michael. The bible says a friend loves like a brother. Thank you for being the embodiment of that statement. I’m still shooting today because someone lent me a DSLR 5 years ago.

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