[Giveaway] Larger Than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit, Book by Belinda Lee

[Not Sponsored] Here’s how you can get your hands on the inspiring sellout book by Belinda Lee as my Christmas gift to you.

This is not a sponsored post. In lieu with Christmas which is coming up in less than 3 days’ time, I am giving away a copy of Singapore TV host, Belinda Lee’s latest book titled Larger than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit. The latest book is also Belinda’s first hand at writing a book. In it contains 10 inspiring and heartwarming profiles of individuals Belinda met while hosting ‘Find Me A Singaporean’ (2007) and ‘The Land We Live In’ (2013).


Belinda is a household name in Singapore for travelogues that often deals with social impact and community outreach. Many of which took/takes her to ‘untouristy’ places where accommodation arrangements are far inferior to that of Singapore’s. Getting rough and dirty could be her unofficial mantra for all the off-beaten tracks she has bashed through to get those inspiring stories – which we enjoy at the comfort of our homes. In an interview with The Straits Times, it is revealed that the 38 year old has slept in a Manila cemetery and had to face her fear with bees in Uganda. That was definitely not a ‘perk’ of being a celebrity.


Belinda’s is currently hosting the new Channel U documentary travelogue ‘地球那一边’ (Somewhere Out There) together with Allan Wu. According to Belinda’s Instagram post, the show looks at the ‘purpose of life by 走向”地球那一边”寻找答案吧 (venturing to the other side)!’

IMHO, these travelogues are assignments that typical celebrities would try to avoid. “Why get down and dirty so that my fans will think that I’m compassionate? Not worth it.” But Belinda has embraced it and through her act, allowed us to watch inspiring stories and interviews from people around the world, and taught us to be grateful for being a Singaporean (better safety, security, jobs, standard of living, etc) which they don’t get to enjoy.

Belinda is my all-time favourite MediaCorp celebrity and I have personally interviewed her face-to-face twice. She is very humble and pleasant to talk to. (You can read my interviews here and here).


As mentioned at the start, this blog post is not sponsored. While it’s not really expensive, I did pay for the book myself. It was bought from and gift-wrapped at Kinokuniya. I have not read the book though so can’t tell you much about it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the book signed for you (as this giveaway is really spontaneous).

I’m doing this giveaway because Belinda’s new book and travelogue deserves more recognition. All proceeds from the book goes to World Vision to which Belinda is an ambassador. Honestly, I was very inspired by Belinda’s travelogues and was reminded of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’.

There are many people hurting in this world. We need to be grateful for living in a country like Singapore. After being grateful, some of us may ask ourselves, “How do I make a difference?” This is my way of making a difference; to inspire others to make a difference in the little ways that they can.

Last I heard, Lee’s book is largely sold out in many bookstores. I visited Popular’s Toa Payoh branch today and was told by the staff that it has been sold out. Fortunately, one copy is with me and I would like to give it to one of you as a Christmas gift.

Wrapped in Kinokuniya's pretty wrapping paper and comes with a Christmas greeting card

Wrapped in Kinokuniya’s pretty wrapping paper and comes with a Christmas greeting card

How To Participate in Giveaway

Congratulations Abigail! Hope this book will be a blessing to you. Merry Christmas!

All you need to do is to leave a comment on this blog post, tell me what is the change you would like to see in this world, and how you would like to contribute to making that change possible.

Please also indicate your email so that I can contact you if you win the Christmas gift.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced at 12noon 25th December 2015, Christmas day itself. I will personally hand you the gift that very day and will make arrangements with you to meet at one of the MRT stations in central Singapore.

The following paragraph is not a requirement.

Last August, I visited a few orphanages in Myanmar on a mission trip and found that the orphanages are struggling with keeping the orphans fed and educated. S$35 keeps one child adequately fed and school fees paid for 1 month. I have set up a fundraiser for Burmese orphans and I would like to invite you to share and contribute to my cause. You can read all about the fundraiser in this link. You can follow the stories and interviews on Humans of CHC Facebook Page or Humans of CHC Instagram Page.

Thank you for reading and participating.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! RW


Most memorable profile featured in the book

PHOTO: The Straits Times by Belinda Lee

I would say it’s the story that we filmed in Mongolia in 2012. I met terminally ill Duurengaral Togmid, who had a pituitary tumour and other ailments.

She left a deep impression on me because I was going through the lowest point of my life. I had just ended a six-year relationship. I was supposed to get married, but it didn’t happen. I was depressed and even thought of ending my life.

Duurengaral gave me the most beautiful smile in the world. She was a dying patient who was fighting to live. I was a healthy human being who wanted to die. There was that irony. At that moment, I felt so ashamed of myself. Sadly, she died a few months later.

Interview with The Straits Times


3 thoughts on “[Giveaway] Larger Than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit, Book by Belinda Lee

  1. I would like to see more kindness over social media. Sometimes, comments by netizens on other people’s social media posts are so nasty.
    I would like to make a difference by trying not to be negative in my posts and comments.. Thank you for the Christmas giveaway

  2. Watching Belinda’s tv show on the hk slums last week made me realised that I take many things for granted here in s’pore… Not really making a difference to other people, but I want to treasure my family more who have provided me a good life.

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