11 Types of Players You Will Meet in DOTA 2

Like it or not, here are 11 players you will meet in the Southeast Asia server of DOTA 2.

Make no mistake, online gaming is booming and Asia is right in the epic center of it all. According to Statista, ‘over half a billion people worldwide play video and computer games on a daily basis, culminating some three billion hours of video games played per week around the globe.

The top four games are League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft and DOTA 2. While the mechanics are different, one of the common element shared by all of these games is that they are hyper competitive and even addictive.

The International PHOTO: read.navi-gaming.com

All that attention culminates in the form of ‘eSports’, a term to describe competitive pro-gaming. According to BBC and reported by Techinasia, ‘2013’s League of Legends World Championship attracted a massive 32 million viewers across online streams and offline viewing events.’

The prize pool for this year’s DOTA 2 competition, The International broke all records in eSports history, totalling more than US$18 million in prize money of which more than US$16 million were contributed by the players. Now that’s a lot of time and money spent on gaming. I am a gamer myself and I play DOTA 2. Through the game, I encountered 11 types of players which are interesting to say the least.

Here are your 11 players, check it out.

Can you identify these players in your games? Are there any I’ve missed out? Share them in the comments section below. Disclaimer though, this is just a fun post. Don’t go full mental over it.

1. The Vulgar Dudes

The vocabulary of these guys kids are very limited and colourful at the same time. They can string together seemingly singular profanities into one epic, coherent (and sometimes funny) sentence. Nothing is off-limits to these guys, including bringing your parents into the mix. If they have to put a dollar in the jar everytime they cuss or swear in a full 60 minutes game, whoever receives this jar could be a millionaire.

Their objective is to piss you off and they derive much satisfaction when you get worked up. Best way to deal with these guys is to not reply them. By swearing back at them, you provoke them to up their game and bring in your education, IQ and even your ancestry in their insults. Take what they say with a pinch of salt. Most of them are kids anyway. Or reply them with a :). Pisses them off even more.

2. The Feeder(s)

GIF: tumblr.com

You know you’re in deep trouble when your teammate who demanded for mid is down by 4 deaths with 0 kills. You know you’re in deeper trouble when your team’s only carry is feeding 0-10. You know it’s a GG when you have both of such players. There must be something wrong with DOTA’s match-fixing because there’s always seems to be at least one feeder in your team.

One of these players even tries out a new hero which they have never played before (or suck at) in a ranked game. Often, their feeding incurs the wrath of their teammates who swear at them excessively. Their logic is, “I’m playing DOTA to have fun, what’s the problem?” Well, I hate to break it to you but you’re spoiling the game of your other four teammates. Your other four teammates are playing because they derive fun from winning the game, not losing it. Go play Co-op Bot game if you’re not so good. Get some practice dude.

3. The Pinoys

GIF: business2community.com

Pinoy is another word for Filipinos. “Putang ina mo“, “bobo” and other totally incomprehensible words to majority of gamers in DOTA Asia servers, these guys are playing their own game. They utter words that no one understands but their own kind in a game that’s indisputably international in nature. It’s just coincidental that a lot of them suck at DOTA and feed as well.

Who hates these guys? Practically everyone on Asia server who isn’t a Pinoy apparently. Gamers hate them so much that some change their account names to Fuc*Pinoys. The DOTA community even came out with a word ‘Peenoise‘ for every word uttered by the Pinoys. Personally, I don’t have a vendetta against them (I have Filipino friends), but many are seriously irritating, flooding the group and voice chat with their Tagalog. Plus, they suck at DOTA. Instead of trying to build an exclusive culture with their unique language, they should try to blend in with the larger community of DOTA players. Speak English damnit. And stop feeding.

4. The DJs and Picassos

GIF: buzzfeed.com

These are by far one of the most irritating DOTA players you will encounter. They like to switch their mics on and play some stupid music, or even sing into the mic. Thankfully, DOTA 2 has a mute button for these dimwits. And then, there’s the ‘Picasso’. DOTA 2 allows players to draw on the mini map to signal to their allies the route of attack or where their enemies are. Some players abuse this system to doodle on the mini map.

I have no plausible explanation for why anybody would do that. Unfortunately, DOTA does not have a mute button for this. Bottom line, these guys need help. They need psychiatric treatment. Pronto.

5. The Blamer(s)

GIF: rebloggy.com

Noob mid“, “Failed carry“, “Noob hook“, “Feeder” and more. Blamers are a dime a dozen in DOTA. All of us blamed another at some point while playing DOTA. I confess. Boys being boys, finding someone to take the fall for the team’s defeat is very common. But it’s not a very healthy culture. Perhaps we could do away with this blaming culture that’s prevalent in all competitive games. Highly unlikely though.

6. The Chuck Norris

PHOTO: news.randomenthusiasm.com

GIF: lowqueue.com

These guys are like the Mew pokemon, super rare. They are so good at DOTA, they could wipe out all five enemies with heavy damage items (from fast farming) and clever play. They are the Chuck Norris, the Terminator, the Stone Cold Steve Austin, you get it right? Treat them well and buy wards for them, they will secure the victory.

7. The Failed Carry

GIF: themillennialfalcon.wordpress.com

These guys are the antithesis of how carry heroes should be. You know it’s GG when the mid hero your team’s only carry has no heavy damage items at the 20th minute. There’s no cure for noobology. My advice for these guys, use support hero in your next game.

8. The Cyclops

PHOTO: mothership.sg

If these players are mutants, I’m highly possible they will have Cyclops’ powers. Eye power is strong in them. They will never engage in a team fight with you. Or they will watch you die before swooping in to kill the enemy. While the rest is clashing with the enemy team, this guy is farming in the jungle.

These fellas need a tight slap. Buy a force staff and push them into the enemy’s line of sight. That ought to do the trick.

9. The Support

These guys are rare. They buy the observer wards, the sentry wards and the flying courier. Nobody enjoys warding because it reaps ‘little personal benefit’. So when you have heroes in your team who decided to ward, treasure them. Say nice things to them. And most importantly, don’t take their courier when they are using it to ward.

Personally, I have a habit of not warding when people take my courier.

10. The KSer

PHOTO: foxlvon.com

The classic player. You find them in every competitive game. In DOTA 2, you have Zeus the ultimate Kill-stealing machine. And there are players who uses Lion’s Finger of Death or Lina’s Laguna Blade on a dying enemy hero with 1/10 health left. These guys deserve a four-month ban – from DOTA – like Suarez.

How to deal with such players? Personally, I have a penchant for hiding their items in some secluded part of the map so they have to save money all over again to buy that item… *Smiles to self*

11. The Game Thrower

pangseh king

PHOTO: knowyourmeme.com

Of all the as*holes here, this has got to be the biggest one. They are worse than players who abandon the game. Some of these guys like to shout mid or feed. And they actually mean it. They charge into the enemy’s base like lamb to the slaughter. These players are like 3-year-old babies, and worse. They don’t get what they want and they make a big fuss about it. Final score is usually 0-20 for them.

I suggest sending Liam Neeson after them. “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you, and I will kill beat the shit out of you.” RW

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