Tribute: The Man Who Loved Singapore

As I wake up from a good night’s sleep to prepare for work, I check my Facebook app like every other Singaporean only to find out the news that Mr LKY has passed on last night.

My words will pale in comparison to the sea of condolence messages from countless Singaporeans young and old.

Mr LKY, as a 80s kid, I may not be aware to the fullest extent what you did for Singapore and the sacrifices you made… But what I do know is that I have a comfortable roof over my head and a job to make a living. For all these, I am grateful. 

Mr LKY, no amount of words can describe the measure of a man you are. Because you mean different things to different people. To the people of your generation, you were the hero who brought the country through the turbulent years. To our parents born in the 60s, you were the PM who introduced policies to help them get out of poverty and amass wealth. To my generation, you are the legendary figure who transformed a country within 1 lifetime.

As we mourn your departure, we celebrate as a nation 50 glorious years. We celebrate the things you have done. We celebrate the world class education of which you have a huge part to play in. We celebrate the world class transport you have implemented. We celebrate the CPF policy you had a hand to implement in order to safeguard every Singaporeans’ sunset years. We celebrate the robust financial state of our country yoy had built. We celebrate life.

Some may say that you are extreme, but you did what you thought was necessary for the wellbeing of our volatile, kuching-kurat nation. Only a real leader with red hot passionate love for the country can make the hard decisions to steer her to where she is right now. And because of that, whenever I travel overseas like every other Singaporean, I can lift my head up high and say “I am a Singaporean”.

The haters are gonna hate… But I can say that no man has loved Singapore the way you love her.

As I pen down these thoughts, I can’t help but feel waves of sadness. Thank you Mr LKY. There is no man who loved Singapore like you did, and I pray that there will be some after you.

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