Feature: Most Important Woman in my Life


Finally doing a ‘humans’ post on myself. Mom, thank you for your sacrificial and unconditional love. I must had made you worry a lot when I did badly and retook my O Levels, when I changed course a year after enrolling into a diploma program and when I ‘迷耶稣’.

I’m sorry for not attending my poly graduation when it was a significant event to you.

Days when I’m feeling lousy about myself, you tell me that I am the best. Your faith in me gave me faith in myself. Even now, you’re still worrying about me.

I thank God for bringing me through the seasons of my life. But above all, I thank God for you (and dad of course). Thank you for your emotional, mental and financial support. Your selflessness for my sake reminds me of God’s own special love for me.

Today, your 懒惰读书 prodigal son puts on the regalia 和四方帽 and brings home 8 distinctions. It may not be much, but I hope I do you proud and let you worry less. Thanks mom and dad.


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