O p i n i o n s.


Take a quick look on the web and social media and you will find opinions (on certain issues). Follow the trending opinions and you will find individuals known as ‘opinion leaders’. The world listens and is shaped by opinion leaders. Opinions may not originally be intended for influence, but influence is often the byproduct or desired outcome.

Opinion leaders brings civilisations forward, moving them from antiquity to agriculture, from industrialisation to modernism, and currently to postmodernism. Opinion leaders has the ability to rally communities to right a wrong. But opinion leaders aren’t the only ones to appropriate and propagate their opinions. We all are. One distinctive traits of human race is our fundamental right to opinionate. We are all opinion leaders in our own right, broadcasting our opinions on current affairs and what not on new media.

But opinions when misplaced and misappropriated causes chaos and division. With our opinions we break conformity, sometimes not for the good of society. With our misguided opinions we confuse, discredit, divide and dismember individuals, communities and social order.

An opinion for the pursuit of justice and goodness versus a misguided opinion could be as clear as day. But in other times, distinction between the two is almost indistinguishable.

As much as I hate to admit, I am a strongly opinionated person (albeit not an opinion leader). But I understand that therein lies the fundamental need to appropriate our freedom of speech and right to opinionate at the right time and setting. At times, withholding onto one’s opinion can be more beneficial than making one’s opinions heard.

So tell me, is (having an) opinion a blessing or a curse? In the end, we are our own salvation. In the end, we are our own damnation.

#thoughts #blackandwhite

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