Conversations: The Smartphone Noob

And so I finally walked out of my darkness-of-a-Nokia-phone, and into the light-of-a-Samsung-S3. I know, I know, why S3? Why not get the latest S4 or wait for the Note 3? Well, I was never a person given to the latest phone trends.. Plus.. read the following situations I’ve encountered…

3 Completely Isolated Incidences.

1. Smartphone talk to me at class

Teacher teaching at feature writing class…..

Me bored, fiddles with my temporary Samsung Galaxy Tab phone. Double taps the middle button, the screen turns black, a window appears and the phone TALKS to me, asking me “What would you like to do” in the middle of class.

Too accustomed to Apple, I pressed it AGAIN. Faints*

2. Mom enters the room, sees me fiddling with my new Samsung S3 smartphone.

Mom: So have you mastered using your phone yet?

Me: Nope, still getting used to. I just came back from smartphone exile.

3. Whatsapp a friend to signify my return to the world of Whatsapp.

J: Got your whatsapp back!^^

Me: Yes! Sorry to make you spend money on sms all this time

J: Hahaha it’s okayy, you’re the only one using it^^

Me: Wa am I supposed to feel honoured? Haha


And so, I can handle photoshop, lightroom, illustrator, photography, writing, painting, life saving and so on, but I have yet to master my smartphone. No need for a S4. I’m just a not-so-smart person trying to keep up with the smartphone. Hahaha

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