Pocket-size Devotional: Be Bold In Your Asking



So Jesus answered and said to him, “What do you want Me to do for You?” The blind man said to Him, “Rabboni, that I may receive my sight.”
– Mark 10:51

Notice the blind man could have asked for the usual, the normal handouts; one week’s worth of money, food rations, lodgings, fresh clothes, but he didn’t. He asked for the very solution [though seemingly impossible] to all his problems.

#1. Blind Bartimaeus was bold in asking for what others consider to be audacious. We need to be bold in our request to God.

#2. Blind Bartimaeus’ request was probably already in God’s will and he was spot-on in his request to Jesus. In our request and desires, let it be aligned with God’s will.

#3. Even if the request was not in God’s will, blind Bartimaeus’ faith was shouting out aloud so much so that Jesus replied “Your faith has made you well” (v52). Your faith and boldness captures God’s attention, moves God to move the mountains for you.

Writer’s note: God never promised that life will be a bed of roses, but He promised that after every rainstorm comes a beautiful rainbow or two. I will be releasing a devotional entry every Monday. It’s important to start the week right, hence the publishing of devotionals every Monday. You could read these pocket-size devotionals in one short sitting, in a bus, on the train, in-between breaks, so on. I hope my words will bring comfort and strength to you when you need them. Do feel free to check out this page for more updates or subscribe to my blog. Invite your friends along if you deem this to be worth a second look. God bless!

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