New Initiative Coming Up!


Okay so here I am, reading up, doing my research, designing, preparing for a new online business initiative allegedly called Legacy Prints. This initiative allows friends to purchase atypical postcards from the comfort of their home, at the click of a [few] button, at a reasonable price. As a writer and one who loves to give something that ‘comes from the heart’, I delight in penning down words of encouragement and love on print and giving them to my loved ones. It’s like giving a piece of ‘you’ to your loved ones. However, I sometimes find it hard to locate nice postcards. Either the designs are too outdated, or it’s way too expensive. Hence the idea of Legacy Prints.

Looking to price them at a reasonable rate (but not at a cutthroat price ah, I am not a charity!), I am hoping to also turn it into a social enterprise – giving x percentage to charities centered on disadvantaged children because education is the key out of poverty and our nation’s children are our nation’s future leaders – when I break even.

If you’re reading this, may I ask if you would purchase this if this product and service was made available to you? Up to how much are you willing to pay per print/set of 3? Is there any advice you can give me or on how I can serve you better?

Much appreciated!

Editor’s note as of 11 September 2013:
It will be a social enterprise right from start.

3 thoughts on “New Initiative Coming Up!

  1. Woah. That’s a really inspiring and creative business start-up. Reminds me of my mini-Christmas card business a few years back where I took time out to design some personalised Christmas cards and sold them for $4 ea.
    I think for pricing right, in the market right now, they are selling tourists postcards at around $5-$8. The last time I bought a postcard from Hongkong, it costs about this price and to be frank, the design isn’t particularly great.
    I have a friend sitting next to me right now and he is willing to pay up to $5 for a personalised postcard, if you factor it shipment and printing(a few cents to up to a dollar), its quite profitable. (:
    Or actually, if you are really into this, you can have these “cards” in different sizes. You can have one in pocket-sized, where whacky and funny reminders can be on that card. It serves as a reminder, I guess.
    I really think if you put your heart into it, this business can take off. The card industry in Singapore isn’t really saturated yet. (: especially when it comes to personalised cards.

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