I Want Happy


Here I am, sitting at the steps a short distance away from MBS, overlooking the Marina Bay. The sign says ‘Deep Waters’ ahead. Two more steps and into the waters I go together with the Merlion. Sort of like a Reuel time for me to space out, I walked from Promenade to get here. The water is fine, the breeze welcoming, the view soothing to the eyes.

Plugged onto my Blackberry blasting Hillsong’s Oceans into my ear drums on repeat, the walk and the view is healing to my soul. Its been a while since i took my ‘own sweet time’, getting to where I am now at one-third thy normal pace. On the way, I saw a bridal shoot taking place. The couple and their photographers were immortalizing their moment with the Marina bay for backdrop. Walking along the highway, I could see families, young and old, couples and friends strolling along the Helix bridge. I stopped, took a deep breath, and snapped a picture. Helix Bridge on my right, cars zooming past on my left. A stone in the middle of a flowing river, standing in the middle as life passed by me.


Further on, I walked right into a packed outdoor lights show. It was a installation put in place in conjunction to this year’s Night Festival. Using spurs of water as canvas to project images, the 15-minute lighting show boasts of how Singapore has blossomed into a society that has a place for all; young and old. Bubbles and fountains were beautiful to look at when they encapsulate the lights; purple, green, blue and yellow within their bodies. The show was viewed by people of all ages, religion and nationality. A show for the people, about the people, watched by the people. Nice. It was beautiful to watch, together with the people of the world.

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

There and then, I thought to myself, everyone here just wants to be happy.

The people zooming past me in their cars, they could be rushing to go home to see their loved ones, they could be meeting friends for supper, they could be buying love, they could be doing anything, to be happy. The people that strolled past me and the people who witnessed the show, despite their busy schedules in the day, stopped to admire the lights show. It was like the hands of time stopped for them as they put down busy to be happy. Because really, all we really want is to be happy. We work so hard [albeit some employ the wrong methods to do so] so that we and our loved ones can be happy, we fall in love [with the wrong people] because we thought we could be happy. we succumb to the life’s simple [or sensual] pleasures because we want to be happy. So that one day, we could just stop, put down all that we have been doing to make a life, and just observe the beauties life has to offer. So that we can be happy.

The pigeon holes in the building overlooking the Marina Bay with their lights still on, probably some hardworking employee still slotting their guts out for their work, all for happy.

Before going further, say aloud to yourself, [Insert your name] want to be happy!”

Criminals and legit, crooks and hawkers, Buddhists and Christians, escorts and socialites, students and retirees, we all have one common goal in mind. In a sense we are not so different after all.

As I sit down here, backs against the steps, heads facing the lights of Marina Bay, legs hanging down, watching the waves past by me; calm, peaceful, repetitive and unconcerned about the things of the world, I become one with the scenery befalling me.

The bible says ‘Happy are those whose God is the Lord!’ (Psalm 144:15b) I begin to understand this verse in a wider spectrum. Here I am, sitting here wanting to know the secrets to pursuing and enslaving that illusive thing called ‘Happiness’ along with billions of people in the world right now, be it awake or in dream land. But the thing is, we can’t buy happy. The things we do can’t give us happy, the things we possess can’t retain happy, the photographs we take can’t preserve happy, the money we earn can’t make a happy. That which is superficial can only retain the temporal. There are many sources which happiness can flow from; a happy family, friends that bring joy to one’s heart, etc. Yet there can only be one true source of happiness, that which is God. He just happens to be the source of everything else too; Peace, Hope, Faith, Healing, Abundance, Joy and Love.

When we truly understand what it means to have The Lord in our hearts, to fill the void in the shape of the alphabet ‘H’, even a moment of stillness can be a happy moment. I could have all the possessions of the world but never felt more miserable, I could possess nothing in the world but feel like the happiest man in the world.

Do not say,
“Why were the former days better than these?”
For you do not inquire wisely concerning this.
– Ecclesiastes 7:10

Stop, be still, observe, give thanks, receive. Happiness, peace and joy can be found in even a second of a moment.

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