Scribblings: Lessons From The Hurricane



During my stint in Taiwan, I had the opportunity to witness strong winds that could potentially cause damages or even hurt people. Though by God’s grace we did not encounter a hurricane, it was still, to be honest, pretty scary to see one and its destructive might, not to mention be caught in one.

All throughout the world, hurricanes [or more commonly known as typhoons in Asia] wreck havoc, uproot buildings, blow away possessions, takes away lives. Race, language and religion; the hurricane creates a rift in the lives of all who stands in its [her] way. The hurricane is no respecter of man.

The hurricane in itself is not [as] deadly [as we think]. The hurricane is strong winds moving in a circular motion at high speeds. It is the cumulative amount of  stuff that it sucks in and swirls within its axis that makes it deadly. The uprooted roof, expensive cars and such, things which crashes into properties, metal to metal, wood to wood, and occasionally into human beings.

What isn’t secure or tired down is blown away, added into that vortex of deadly litter. Physical hurricanes may be deadly and take a lot of lives, the hurricane of dysfunctional relationships: unresolved conflicts can prove just as destructive.

Divorce rates are increasing at an incremental rate all throughout the world, decades-old friendships are lost, children are disowning parents and vice versa.

We think we are making things right when we sweep unresolved conflicts and issues under the carpet. Like a hurricane, when crisis hits, everything that is not tied down, every issue that is not resolved, is drawn out by the hurricane, causing an exchange of hurtful words and actions. Acting based on the feelings we’ve drawn from past grievances, We say that which we do not mean, we act out what we hope we could take back.

Those words and actions, like debris in a hurricane sweep up and go airborne, hurting the people that we love and want to protect. Tears and painful breakups lie in its destructive aftermath.

If I was smart, I did tie down all my possessions; make right with the people whom I treasure and need to be right with. That way, I can sleep well when the wind blows.

Writer’s note: Holler all, I’m starting a new weekly series entitled Scribblings. There’s a lot going in this head of mine as with yours. New entries every Tuesday. Do feel free to check out this page for more updates or subscribe to my blog. Invite your friends along if you deem this to be worth a second look. God bless!

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