Scribblings: Words



Words. A word of praise can take the listener-recipient to cloud nine and a word of encouragement elevates a wounded soul. On the flip side, a hurtful remark bruises the soul and a regrettable statement stings more than any physical punch could ever hurt. Like spilled milk, one can’t just say something nasty and have it retracted back no matter how apologetic one may be. No, the spoken word doesn’t work like an automated teller machine.

Words and wounded [broken] souls. We live in a broken-down world where so many people all around us live with the scars from the hurtful words of verbal abuse directed at them when they were young. Married couples who struggled through nights of verbal diarrhea targeted by the very ones who have previously took an oath to love and cherish them, employees who are paid by their employers in a form of salary and abusive words that seek to bring them down for every mistake they make. How much can a soul take? How much can one’s spirit endure?

Yet there can be a relief from all this; an oasis in the middle of the valley of dry bones. As much as we cannot control what other may think or say about us, we could control and limit how much impact those words can have on us. If a mistake has been committed, take responsibility, apologize, yes. But don’t accept personal criticisms that degrades self. Don’t drink that verbal concoction of poison into your soul. Reject those negative words, replace them with encouraging words. Self-talk if you need to. Our words frame our world, hence let only the constructive ones in.

Lastly, play the Trump card; the Jesus card. Know, understand and focus on what Jesus says about you [through the Word of God], mediate and rehearse those words in your mind, and finally verbally confess them out daily.

You are the Apple of God’s eye – Zechariah 2:8
You were fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14
You’re worth the Son of God – John 3:16
You are the child of God – 1 John 4:4
You are God’s chosen elect – 1 Peter 2:9
You have a great inheritance waiting for you – Ephesians 1:14
You could do the impossible – Philippians 4:13
You have a great future – Jeremiah 29:11
You eat giants for breakfast – 1 Samuel 17:45-50

You don’t need to feel lousy about yourself. Bring forth words of spring and healing into your soul.

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