Lessons From A Kiddie Ride

Glued to the latest issue of Kinfolk, I was waiting for an appointment at the shopping mall in my neighborhood earlier in the day when my focus was disrupted by a commotion nearby. A boy was making a din – crying and all – for not being able to board the kiddie ride. The father was trying hard to pacify his kid, telling him that it wasn’t his turn yet – there was another boy taking the ride at the point of time – that he had to wait for his turn. The crying boy insisted his ways, even attempting to hook his legs on the ledge of the ride while his dad was trying to pull him away from the ride. Incidentally, the ride came to a halt, the boy inside climbed out, ran to his dad seated nearby beaming. The crying boy stopped crying immediately, climbed into the ride and had a jolly good time, I believe.

This entry isn’t about thrashing the parent for allowing his kid to cause a din in public, neither is it about thrashing the kid for causing the din, no none of this. At least the boy knows what he wants, albeit a more public display of getting it. As I dwelt on the events that occurred in that short moment, I thought about how we as adults have behaved like a kid, insisting we get what we ‘deserved’, wanting what others have, demanding our right of way. We fuss, we sulk and we lament, complaining [to God] for not getting what we want, or for not having what others have. Imagine God as the good father, telling us “Son, you will get your turn. Be patient.” I like to see how God promotes us, fulfills the promises He made to us and gives us the desires of our heart, as a father beckoning his kid to wait for his turn on the kiddie ride. We may get discouraged when we see nothing happening in our lives and others’ elevated, yet God is not a God that He should lie. His thoughts towards us are “Yes and Amen!” He hasn’t forgotten what He had promised, we simply need to [learn to] wait.

Sooner or later, the chimes will end, the ride will come to an end, and it will be thy turn to climb into the ride and have the time of your life.

Ta-da, here’s the kiddie ride; the object of every kid’s attention, the source of fun and also the object of misery. Interested parties can drop by Kovan Heartland Mall, level 3. Riders weighing more than 40kg may not apply.

The RidePHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay (Blackberry)


And yes God, I am waiting and will learn to wait.

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