Potentially Kinetic


An apple kept in the cardboard box will eventually rot away when it is not taken out and eaten,

An electrical appliance when not used [for a prolonged period] malfunctions,

Potential energy will always remain as a force with much potential but never realizing its maximum potential when not harnessed into other forms of useful energy,

Everything that is boxed in, kept from fulfilling its function eventually hits its expiry date, breaks down and rots on the inside.

We will never realize how much difference we could make to the world as we know it if we choose not to contribute our talents, our giftings, our abilities. It doesn’t just shortchange the world of one’s talent, it torments its bearer for knowing that he could have achieve much.

And eventually, a life filled with regrets ensures.

Being potentially kinetic isn’t enough, no. Let’s go kinetic.

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