benjamin button

Anybody caught the 2008 film ‘The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button’? Button was a film adaption of a short story written by the Great F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was also gave to the world ‘The Great Gatsby’. It was such a beautiful movie to watch. I enjoyed every minute of that lengthy 3 hour movie. Unfortunately, it lost to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in awards on so many grounds.

Remembering Button, I could identify with the lead in more ways than one. Button was really a simple man, easily satisfied with life. He was also searching for a meaning to [his] life, searching to make sense of this life that he lived and everything around him. He had slightly more than unusual thinking patterns (Who could blame him? He was undergoing reverse metamorphosis!) I think I am a simple guy. I’m easily satisfied. Give me a good read (Okay, maybe a dozen), a good wife, adorable kids and I’m pretty much contented with my life.

Yet I think I think slightly more than the Average Joe. There, I proved my point; two ‘Thinks’ in one sentence alone. Perhaps during creation, God put more thought into my thoughts.

Sometimes I feel like an old soul. Young at age, old in my soul.

Recently, a distant friend I had the opportunity to know told that my writings were inspiring to read. I was glad. I was glad to have made a difference in someone’s life in speech, in prayers, in thoughts, in acts and even in a blog. I pray that I will always remember to be an example in conduct, to make a difference in every small way that I can and know how.

Let me be your vessel to shine forth Your light onto this world. God, in turn You are my Jaegar. Through You, I can do all things.

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