Everything Is Connected

July 17, 2013 – I am truly amazed by how God connects all the dotted lines in our lives and leads us forward [towards our destiny].

Like a good father who intentionally rigs a game or concedes defeat to his son, the rules of the game [of life] has been set by God our Father in such a way that we could only go home a winner. Not only is God constantly working behind our backs for our good, He also guides and directs us subtly through the decisions and ‘mistakes’ that we have made. Today, a third incident happened that made me realize that God is constantly watching over us, protecting us, guiding us forward. A liaison officer from my University emailed me to ask if so-and-so was my cousin. It was found that her husband and her are good friends with my cousin in their Church. This comes after two isolated encounters from when the first; a classmate came to ask me if I was from City Harvest Church and another who revealed to me  she was from CHC.

I take it as a sign that thy am on the right track and am called to make a difference there. Even as I take some time to recount my steps, I am amazed by how God has moved in my life and led me from preparation to gestation to the point of entry towards my destiny. After accepting Christ into my life, I wrapped up my secondary school chapter with a disastrous 28 points. Down but not out, I enrolled into City Harvest Education Centre (now known as City College), and got a confidence boost through dancing; a co-curricular activity at the private school. Jumped 11 points and enrolled in Nanyang Polytechnic’s Multimedia Info-communication Technology where I lament at my poor choice almost every other day. I signed up for a dance CCA but was rejected. (It was a very time and mind-consuming CCA that would have turned my life in another direction had I got in. Looking back, I thank God I was rejected!)

I plucked the courage to request for an internal transfer to Business School after a year’s study but was thrown a wet blanket from the module manager. He told “Your grades are so lousy, they wouldn’t accept you! You are better off staying here and trying harder.” Somehow, the timid me felt courage arising from within me and I replied, “Yes, I want to try anyway.” The reply I got from the Business School’s module manager was, “Your grades are quite good!” I switched to NYP’s Business Management where I discovered ‘Speaking’. That year, I also joined City News as a writer. Subsequently, I topped the class for Oral Communications, represented for the school’s Open house, was selected to be a student leader, was a finalist at the school’s first oral speaking competition. The skills I’ve acquired from the course and Human Resource major equipped me to carry out my City News duties; to interview people and write articles. That was also the year that I discovered that I really really love the Word of God, I didn’t want to just write on a blog (then asakuradark.multiply.com -That was some funny blogging). I want to share the Good News with people, I want to preach the Word, I want to do missions. I want to be a shepherd.

After graduating from NYP, I enrolled in CHC’s Bible School code-named School of Theology. I have the opportunity of participating in two mission trips of which I was called to be a co-team leader for the latter. I have participated in five mission trips till date. During my stint in SOT, I also hopped on board City News as a full-time writer. Today, I find myself enrolled with Kaplan’s communication studies degree programme. Never would I imagine myself to be in this course, having enrolled in a Bible School, preached to a live audience, doing public speaking!

As I put the pieces together, I find that there is a modus operandi in God’s working pattern if you can spot it. In that MO, one can discover that everything was done for our good. It is amazing when God ‘accidentally’ reveals His plans for your life. Check the signs, spot the hints, examine the crumbs, God is constantly working behind our back like a director of a movie. Every incident that took place in our lives is connected and happened for a reason. In Him, all paths lead forward and mis-opportunities can turn into opportunities. Today, I’m glad to know that I am on track, and God is not done with me yet. Things are gonna get better as the next chapter of my life unfolds come September.

Everything is connected and things can only become better from henceforth because God is the true needle that directs your compass forward.

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