TGIF: Cards Stand

Welcome to another episode of TGIF! This is a new series where I make or put together fixtures to add to the aesthetics of my abode, stuff you may not be able to find in the shops or if you do; them at an overpriced range. It’s fun to make and be a consumer of your own stuff. Plus it’s therapeutic – putting stuff together like putting pieces of one’s life together – like chicken soup for the soul. Jesus Himself was a carpenter (a builder of things) before He stepped into full time ministry to become the Builder of lives. *Smileyface

In this entry, I seek to build a cards or letter stand to display the Zo cards and cards that I have purchased so that I can choose a suitable one to give to my addressee. Have a read and if you are free on a Friday night, why not get some materials and start making something out of that night? Give it a try and you can customize the look to one which you like.

Price breakdown:
Wooden backboard (Daiso) : $2
Wooden ledge x3 (Daiso) :  $6
Craft glue (Popular) :  $2.90 (There’s leftovers)
(Optional) Stick tapes (3M) :  $4(+/-) (There’s leftovers)
Total :     >$20
Satisfaction :   Guaranteed
Value :   Priceless

IMG_8530(TGIF)Hang it up with 3M tapes.


IMG_8529(TGIF)Or give it some space by the wall.


How To Make Your Own Cards Stand:

IMG_8352Ingredients to make your own cards stand. Photographer’s err: I’m lacking one extra wooden stick(close to twice the breadth of the stick you see in the picture) at the time of take which is needed to hold the cards in place.


IMG_8354Cut up the wooden sticks, use the remainder for the upper tier.


IMG_8355File the edges with your regular nail file to produce a smooth edge for the ledges of the cards stand.


IMG_8395Take measurements.


IMG_8358Glue it up with Selleys craft glue, specialized for quick adhesive of craft work!


IMG_8532Put it altogether and customize your own cards stand with decorations, polarites, to name a few. And wala! Your very own cards stand!


IMG_8426For those who would like to hang up your dainty and pretty looking cards stand, use 3M tapes of this size.


IMG_8432Stick them in the middle; one at the top and another at the bottom. Note that the plank might not be completely flat, so stick at a point that both adhesives will contact the wall.


IMG_8361Coffee break during the carpentry process.


IMG_8362Cards from Korea.

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