Lending A Helping Hand

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling extremely tired after service and just wanted to go home asap. While at Serangoon MRT station, I spotted a visually impaired uncle who almost walked into the train glass door, helped him into the crowded train. We had a brief conversation and he shared that he stayed in Seng Kang and I at Kovan. Though tired, I decided to stay and help him to Seng Kang. When we reached Sengkang, I guided the uncle to follow him out. He was surprised that I was still around and nicely asked me to head home, that it wasn’t necessary since he goes home like this everyday. I told him it’s ok, that there was a Chinese saying that goes, "送佛送到西”. He laughed and continued to say I don’t have to go to such an extent but didn’t refuse my help. Found out he was a Singaporean mobile massage therapist specializing in Taiwanese massage. Helped him into the crowded LRT before leaving and he expressed his gratitude.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but how many people when presented a scene like this would sacrifice 15 minutes of their time to help, or would we just go about our own way of life too preoccupied with our own matters? I pray that Singaporeans would be more gracious, generous and magnanimous. Let’s make this a nicer country to live in, for all.

‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’ – Matthew 25:40

P.S. I was so tired, I took the train from Sengkang to Punggol instead of towards Harborfront… Lol.

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