Valentine’s Day, A Valiant Time Day for Singles to Brave Through

It’s a day just like the day before and the day after, or is it? 14 Feb, this is a special day for both courting and married couples and a day much feared by [many] singles for being reminded that they are single, especially those who are exceeding marriageable age. The origins of Valentine’s Day was birthed forth from the mythological heroic acts of St Valentine whom secretly wedded couples-in-love in a time when marriage was forbidden based on the belief that a marriage makes soldiers ‘weaker’.

Couples take to the streets, bouquet of roses-in-hand, head to their best known romantic places or venues significant to the fortifying and/or coming together of their relationship. Even PDA is more acceptable during this time though still slammed on STOMP or on major social networking medias.

While ‘attached’ singles have plans for the evening or even the entire day, this is a very ‘tricky’ day for singles like [you and] me especially with Chinese New Year occurring a mere days before [relatives and all asking questions]. Here’s a few situations a ‘very eligible’ single has to maneuver through on this otherwise dreadful day.

1. Hitting Town ALONE

This wouldn’t normally raise any eyebrows on any other day. I mean, what’s the big deal about going to town – shopping, having a cup of warm coffee by the coffeehouse, or just soaking into the city center’s atmosphere, ALONE? But no, this is Valentine’s Day. Plying the streets alone on this day is akin to shouting out loud to everyone there that “Hey! You got a Valentine, I don’t!” All eyes seem to be cast on one even if this is certainly laughable and most often-ly untrue.

2. Asking A Friend Out

Previously I blogged an entry about friends, stating that at any one time an individual can have up to 150 friends and from that pool, drawing out about 10 close friends that belonged to one’s ‘inner circle’. This presents another difficult situation if one is looking for company this dreadful evening. “Who should I ask?”

a. If we ask a friend who has a partner for that evening, that’s a whammy. That call all of a sudden takes on a different tone, making one look like a total loser.

b. If we ask a friend who doesn’t have a partner that evening, that’s a close call. But either way, that’s a double whammy because that makes us both look like losers.

3. Asking A Close OPPOSITE GENDER Friend Out

Following up on the previous point, I’m pretty sure there’s at least one [or more] opposite gender from this pool of close friends. While we can easily ask her [or him] out on any other day, but no this is Valentine’s Day.

Here are some possible sticky situations you might want to avoid:

a. You want to ask her out, but you don’t want to ask her out because you don’t want her to misunderstand – This could turn awkward

b. You ask her out and she thinks you have the hots for her – This valuable friend might be lost due to one’s folly

c. You ask her out, she agrees on a totally platonic-based friendship. You two are happily chatting until you bumped into mutual friends. They think you two have the hots for each other – Here comes the rumors and scandals


So how do you avoid this dreadful day if you are partner-less? Here are some tips.

1. Family Is King

There is a saying that goes “Blood is thicker than water”. Family will never abandon you even when your friends do, and this is especially needy for such a time as this. This is a time for you to embrace your kin like there’s no tomorrow [because you need to brave through today]. Go out [or stay home] with your family members, hang out with them. That way, even if you appear in public partner-less, you have a valid excuse – “I am spending quality time with my family on this special day!”

2. Hole Up

“Head to the bunker! Hole up! Brace yourself my fellow comrades! Brave through this attack! You will make it through!” Couples walking the streets are like zombies out for human blood. The protagonist for today is none other than … you. *Applauds* They are after you, so be safe, be a good boy [or girl]. Stay home today.

3. Load Up On DVDs

Never found the time to watch those movies you have always wanted to watch for ages? Now’s the time. Before you hole up at home, remember to visit the CD rental shop in the vicinity and load up on the DVDs. On the other hand, Funshion makes a good [and cheap] alternative.

4. Radio Silence On Social Media

Though it is sweet to know what your friends are doing for their boyfriends, girlfriends and spouses, you don’t need a reminder that you are [still] single and another round of questioning by your relatives will take place again soon [or at the next Chinese New Year] on the topic – “Ah boy [or Ah girl] ah, when are you going to find your 菜 (means vegetable in Chinese, another word for partner) ah?”

So resist logging into Facebook and Twitter, turn off 3G on your mobile phones, the world will become better after 2359. Or at least most of the activities would have ceased by then (except for the super romantic and zealous guys who still have surprises for their girl).

And of course, don’t post any stuff on your wall. The zombies will sense your presence. They will know you’re not one of them and they will get you.

Chin up my fellow singles, you will make it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


(P.S. This is just for laughs, made for the enjoyment of my dearest editor and friend, Yung Shin. Please find a partner soon! 😉 )

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