My thoughts on the CHC news

Truth be told, we are not looking for anyone to tell us what manner of a person our leaders are, neither are we having ‘blind faith’ that our leaders are absolutely right and never wrong. We are standing by these people whom we call family because they helped us become better people, seen for ourselves how they live their public and private life all the same, and they taught us to love God and love people.

Maybe some [of us] live the perfect life, but many of us don’t, having come from dysfunctional, single-parent, abusive families or been through storms of life of all sorts. We were broken, we needed God and these individuals helped bridged in the gap and drew us that much closer to Him. As a result, [our] lives are changed for the better and never the same.

Most importantly, a family comes even closer together in times of crisis. Family don’t forsake, only embrace closer. So don’t be surprised when we huddle around our family.

The verdict has not been cast, any form of accusation and speculation is groundless. Help us by standing by them (pray for us) OR not raining judgment on them with hurtful words. Chances are one of [your] friends is a CHC member, and insensitive comments isn’t helping.

Thank you.

At the end of the day, may Jesus be glorified!

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