Serving for the greater good

Today marks the end of the Army Open House @ Our City at the F1 Paddock. For the first time ever, the SAF has organized the Army Open House away from the camps, and right in the heart of the city, by the Singapore Flyer with remarkable view of the Marina Bay skyline.

It has been a tiring and somewhat cumbersome turn of events from preparation work weeks before, to the open house itself.

Though it was tiring serving the public, I must say I am genuinely happy to be part of the success of the open house. As I caught the dynamic defence show and the NS45 (NS 45th Anniversary) exhibition, I must say that I am somewhat proud to be doing my part for the Nation, however small it may be. This year’s theme ‘From Fathers to Sons’ puts the special spark to serving the National Service.

Many ROD (Relieved of Duty) Singaporeans whom I served were definitely elated to show their kids, and grandkids all the stuff that they did in the army (okay, maybe it wasn’t so high tech back then). While our pioneers did a lot of ‘chiong-suaing’, and endure all the ‘sai kang’ thrown at them (perhaps more than us, opps), they certainly felt that those two years were a significant milestone in their lives, so much so that they want to relive this moment together with their family.

Even my mom and dad dropped by to check out all the army exhibits and have a go at the SAR21 and Matador handling themselves.

From the first batch of 900 soldiers who enlisted under the (then) new National Service Bill in 1967 fast forward to today, two generations have done their part for the nation and this heavy responsibility is now passed down from fathers to sons, myself included.

I feel that it is a privilege to be able to play a small part in protecting the livelihood of the country and the ones we love. I look forward to the day when I will bring my own kids to the Army Open House and say to them, “One day, you will do great things for your nation for two years of your time.”

For now, I’m looking forward to finally booking out this Wednesday and my China trip this weekend! πŸ™‚

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