Hello Musical: A Chorus Line

PHOTO: A Chorus Line – http://www.feveravenue.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/292678_303121133089935_197635606971822_744418_781765927_n.jpg


If you’re a musical fanboy(or girl) like me, missed Wicked musical for some reason and am kicking yourself for missing it (but seriously I have no idea how did you miss it since it was showing from 7 December 2011 all the way to 22 April 2012), fret not because A Chorus Line is here to bring you some comfort.

A Chorus Line tells the tales of 17 uniquely different dancers, auditioning for their dream job, a place in an upcoming Broadway production. The catch was that only 4 pairs of boys and girls will be selected from the 17. The 17 dancers who were short-listed from a previous audition told of their stories, many rather melancholic and even tragic, and how they found their love; Dance.

Ultimately, the musical comes to a bitter-sweet end as only 8 hopefuls could be chosen, the efforts of the chosen rewarded, those not selected – dreams crushed.

At the end of the day, this musical [would probably] strike a chord in the hearts of the audience, because for fact that all of us have (or had) a dream, age regardless.

Nominee for 12 Tony Awards and winner of 9 including ‘Best Musical’ and the Pulitzer Price for drama, A Chorus Line Musical is in a league of its own, being the fifth longest-running musical on Broadway (somebody say wow~), A Chorus Line promises you 2 hours and 5 minutes of well-scripted, no-intermission, lyrical  entertainment. If you ask me, its entertainment worth as a musical can be compared to the likes of Lion King, Wicked and what not, less all the glitzy props and costumes, and multiple sets.

For more information, discounts and ticket prices, visit the official Marina Bay Sands website:

Stay tuned to City News official review by our editor-in-chief, Theresa Tan:

Got to know a fellow writer at the Gala Premiere at the musical. Turns out she is a journalist with YahooSG. She churns out some remarkable writing. Check it out here.

YahooSG A Chorus Line review:

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