First Photoshoot!

I’m so excited! Just did my first subject photoshoot yesterday! My beautiful model painfully entertained my every request. It was so tiring, both for me and for her, I believe. The moment I touched down home at midnight after the photoshoot and A Chorus Line Premiere (oh did I not mention that? Media tickets to the winning musical of nine Tony Awards, including “Best Musical” and the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Oh so delighted!), I was knocked out cold until the next morning.

So because you are my readers, and I love my readers, here’s a sneek preview at my collection; The Girl in the Meadow.

I shall be processing the 426 photos in the meanwhile. *joyful sigh*

Do you know who is she?


PHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay


P.S. To view my previous works, check out my facebook. Feel free to add me up too 🙂
Botanic Wonder
The Cross Project
The Marina Bay

8 thoughts on “First Photoshoot!

    • Hi Slashinator!

      Thank you for your interest in my work. So sorry Facebook only allows me to show my content to my friends at best, instead of allowing me to share it with anyone. Ironic, since this is my own account.. Haha.

      Maybe you can add me on Facebook to see them? My facebook name is Reuel Eugene Tay 🙂

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      • I own an Olympus Pen E-PL2. Sometimes when I get the chance, I also use my friend’s 600D, which makes a huge difference. What about you? (By the way I just realised that the url on my profile was for my personal blog; have updated it to show instead, haha. Sorry if you had to see my personal ramblings.)

      • Hey Loretta (or do you prefer slashinator? haha)

        I see, I see. The Pen looks really nice! Befitting of the cool boys and girls. Haha. I use a 600D.

        No worries about the ‘ramblings’, we all have those moments. Hope things got better for you!

      • Just call me Loretta 🙂

        The benefit of the Pen is that it’s a lot easier to carry around than a DSLR, but that’s about it. It’s nowhere close quality-wise.

        Thanks! It’s great meeting you. I gotta go out now, chat again next time! 🙂

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