My thoughts on being ‘Lost’

PHOTO: Reuel Eugene Tay

Lost… We all know what this word means and it is definitely not a pleasant thing to be ‘lost’.

I was heading to a wake around the West area earlier in the day. As someone who got lost occasionally in the past (overseas and sometimes local), I would whip out my iPad to check on Google maps, and even go to the extent of asking the station master which bus to take before heading towards my destination.

Even so, even after much preparations, I realized I have gotten… lost.

Somehow I am remembered of a thought I had a long time ago. Our life’s pilgrimage is akin to journeying toward a destination. Our plans and preparations to get there is like arming ourselves amply with a Google map app, identified landmarks, roadmaps, GPS and what not. But life has a way of rendering our plans obsolete, doesn’t she?

Sometimes, no matter how well we are prepared, everything that can go wrong went wrong, the plans we so trusted in comes to naught, we realized how helpless we are.

This unpleasant feeling of losing one’s bearings can be rather dreadful. When one is lost, one is in the realm of the unknown. When one is lost, one is powerless. When one is lost, insecurity sets in. When one is lost, fear creeps in like a theft, along with panic and anxiety.

We can’t help but feel vulnerable.

More than often, we come to a point of brokenness, overwhelmed by the unpredictable and incomprehensible events that took place in our lives; much like getting lost.

It is only during these moments that we come to the realization and full conviction that indeed, we all need God – the True Compass in our lives. When we have God, the True Compass, no matter how lost we might be, God has a way of finding us, and getting us back on track.

Be sure to keep this Compass close to our hearts.

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105

Be blessed.

(P.S. I did get to my destination after walking two streets. Looks like I ain’t so lost after all)

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