Flipping The Pages

Hey all.

So much have happened over the past few weeks. I wish I have the time to share with you all that happened but this will have to do for now. To cut the long story short, I have finally graduated from Bible school! Exciteds much. Last week also marks the official end of my 6-month attachment with City News. What a long, tiring, but fruitful journey.

This could possibly be the most colorful six-month experience of my life, but I won’t limit God to create more. Haha. And right now, I am talking (blogging) to you in Taipei, Taiwan! For the uninitiated, I went on a short six-day-backpacking-trip to Taipei since last Wednesday. (No I am not emo-ing! I planned to do this since April!) This (backpacking experience) is the experience like no other and I will DEFINITELY do it again (not to Taiwan though, there isn’t really a lot of things to see here though other than the infamous night markets… Oh! Oh! And the National Palace Museum!!) Be prepared to be awestruck by the intricate and incredible (really) Jade Sculptures, paintings and more. I could have easily spend the whole afternoon looking at those antiques! I am in ❤ with Jade and old Chinese painting. I am a convert. Call me old geezer, whatever you like, I don't care! Haha!

Pops ok, got carried away. After this, I will be heading to serve the Nation on the 7 September. So book me from 30th to 5th September, because you will not see me for some time. Haha.

Alright! It's past 2am now, gonna rest up and get ready for Ximending tomorrow! Attending Hsin Tian Covenant Church on Saturday and New Life Church on Sunday! Can't contain my excitement!

Enjoying every moment of it before I flip the pages to a new chapter.

Bye all!

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