Here are some of my personal highlights this week, no not the times spent in Bible school or at work although all that matter.

I went to visit my Muslim mentee’s mother and blessed her with a gift voucher as well as listening to her share about her frustrations for about an hour. Just earlier at 12 midnight, I bought a can of Milo for the condo security guard at my house and also talked to him for 10 minutes. As a result, I got to know more about his life. On almost every occasion, I would feel ‘compassion’ to buy the tissue papers from the elderly.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to brag about myself.

Throughout the Four Gospel, Jesus saw the multitudes, He had compassion, and after that went on to meet their need. Indeed, the most important Kingdom principle is Love. By this [Love], people will know that we are a Christian. We all need to have and give compassion to people. Go on a mission trip, join a non-profit organization, see the situation of the people and naturally one should have the compassion for these people. But seeing and feeling is not enough. How about doing something practical? Saying something nice? It won’t take away a limp of yours to do so right?

Buy the 3 tissues for $1 from the elderly even if you think that there is someone who is using the uncle to earn money. When you have compassion, you would just want to bless this uncle, because a blessing is still a blessing! You can’t give a reason to bless. Blessing is unconditional.

Everyone needs Compassion, including the road sweeper who comes by your house every morning.

Have you shown compassion?

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