Closer to You

On Tuesday, my zone supervisor came to evaluate for our preaching test. He touched on something that really set me thinking. He asked us, why and what should a believer fast for?

We all know that fasting is for self-humbling, and some answered for breakthroughs. Yet ZS asked us which part of the bible actually said that? After (some of our members) presented some Scriptures that were taken out of context or without the full understanding of the verse, we were convinced that fasting is primarily for us to humble ourselves by rejecting our flesh and also to draw near and be closer to God.

But of course, we can also fast for our breakthrough, but the root purpose should always be to draw closer to God, the Blesser of the blessing, the source of the breakthrough. That really set me thinking about my Daniel fast. I was on my 9th day then and I really reflected and didn’t want to fast while missing the whole point of fasting. No doubt I have my prayer requests that I am believing in God to accomplish on my behalf, but fasting should always be about the Blesser.

I am convinced that I must draw to God as my top priority during my fast but not just during fasting period but every time I pray and do my Quiet Time. I gonna make my last 9 days of fasting count, to draw closer to God.

What about you?

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