A Mother’s Great Love

Call me bold or dumb, I told my mom right from the beginning of my 21 day Daniel fast. She is not a believer(yet) in the first place, so you could imagine like any other parent, she would of course be unhappy about it.

But she did not try to stop me. Knowing I can only eat fruits and veg, just earlier she came back from NTUC with a few plastic bags. In it also contain natural cashews (knowing I love them, oranges, a box of cherries, two boxes of grapes and enough apples to last the next week of my fast. The fridge was literally filled with fruits. I am so touched by her gesture. It reminded me of Jayesslee’s testimony. The strength of a Mother’s love is mightier than any fortress or stronghold.

One of my prayer request during this time of fasting is my entire family to come to the saving knowledge to Jesus Christ. Lord I pray that you will come and touch my mom’s heart.. Thank You Lord.

Here’s a Korean song entitled 하나님은 너를 지키시는 자 (God is Our Protector) by Jayesslee which really touched my heart. Enjoy.. 🙂

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