It is 3am+ right now as I am capturing this moment on my blog. Had the awesome opportunity to sleep in church for our church zone camp.

Was laying down with my body all snuggled within my sleeping bag in a comfortable position, ready to sleep when I kept feeling the nudge from the Holy Spirit to do my quiet time. After much arguing, I decided to yield to Him.

Since level 4 is too noisy, roof garden is locked, I went down to level 1 to pray while walking around our beautiful Rivera which did not lose its appeal despite not having the fountain activated, walking along the quiet serene corridors of our church, walking past the now-quiet spot in front of Attributes. Seen my beloved church in a different light, at a different time, with a different perspective.

Felt the peace of God even though it was a short quiet time. I love my church. This is my home forever, well until God comes back at least! πŸ™‚

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