Onward to South Korea!

I have decided, my backpacking destination at the end of SOT would be South Korea!! In fact, I have already made up my mind a week back. South Korea is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind country rich in culture and delicacies as well as a trend setter in fashion and music scene. Once a 3rd world country devastrated by both world war and civil war, South Korea has bounced back to become one of the most influential 1st world country today. Gonna start saving up  for the trip. If I can at least master the basic command of the language too, I think I can pass off as a local there, since there are so many people who thought I am Korean! Hahaha! Buay hiao bia. :X

I can also take this opportunity to visit Yoido Full Gospel Church and attend their cell groups!!

Hopefully everything work out as planned. South Korea here I come!

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